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Individual rank with a game mode made for teams.


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@"Delweyn.1309" said:It's probably the problem.

At least some research, at Microsoft and elsewhere, supports you; in my little cache of stuff:


Also, if you like marketing fluff that agrees with you: https://rankade.com/ree#ranking-system-comparison

Or maybe I'm not logic...

I'm pretty sure you are blaming the matchmaker way more than it deserves, but you are not wrong to say that there are ways it could potentially improve.

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If you're losing often enough it's probably your fault. You can't ignore your team every single game and only acknowledge their existence when you lose.

The primary issues with "competitive" ques isn't even the rating system, but the fact when it comes to competitiveness it isn't really any different than the unranked counterpart. It's why games provide rewards in the ranked systems that aren't available to the unranked one, which honestly, partly contribute to the problem.

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