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  1. As for having (a very few) items/achievements that can't be gotten guaranteed in the space of 2 weeks, you probably have to thank your fellow players for that who have been crying "new episodes only ever last for two hours" quite loudly. Right, blame the players and not the developers; I'm not aware of anyone who specifically asked for absurd RNG, on the other hand, we all know who decided it should be here. This achievement doesn't change the fact LW episodes have too little content given there's only a few of them each year, with no other content updates between them. This doesn't even take into account ANet benefits from some things being too expensive in order to get money from what developers call "Whales". Even if you want to talk about making people re-play the same events over and over, there's already other ways to do it; but hey, it's far cheaper to create a loot box drop, give it an absurdly low drop rate, and let people like you say the player base created the problem.
  2. They could at least start with the gifts every 1-4 months that various games do.
  3. Buy them from someone who has an open guild slot and sells them.
  4. Korean games have had weapon swaps before GW2. Never mind weapon swaps, you could fully swap out your entire gear set too... I remember playing a game where mid combat I would swap half my gear for bonuses when I used an ability then swap back to my other set right after. There were even pay to win CH/KR games that sold the ability to swap weapons/builds mid combat. In short weapon swapping is only unique if Guild Wars is the only MMORPG you've played.
  5. I wouldn't mind them being items if they were labeled as junk so tell all instantly sell, rather than clicking on them individually.
  6. I just have multiple of the same profession that I commonly play for different stat types. Such as two Warriors, one for Power and the other Condi. Then there's multiple characters dedicated to just being additional bank space for items I don't look for as often, excess materials and others that hold various boxes. Bank is split up; Top two are for boxes/bags to be opened on a low level alt, next two are excess resources to be moved to alt characters, the rest are food, boosters, etc; items used by multiple characters but not often enough to be put in the shared slot.
  7. I wonder how you "just buy it" when there's zero of them to buy?Reminds me of NVidia with the "It just works".
  8. I would imagine them selling mostly skins in the gem store is better than what other games sell when they aren't selling skins.This is before taking into account you can just earn gold and then convert them to gems without relying on direct trading with other players like you would in other games. It's not as if we get rewards based on the appearance of our characters like some Asian games have done, or spending money on different particles provides clear advantages like some skins do for LoL.
  9. I personally would prefer if loot boxes had a cap on how many were needed in order to get rewards, and in the case of duplicate rewards being worthless, no duplicates. This is why I had no issue with how mounts were done for GW2, but I don't like the BLCs. One of the reasons why loot boxes are so common is because people refuse to pay more than 10$ or 20$ for some items. In fact, I've seen multiple publishers experiment with selling loot box items in the shop directly for ~30-50$ with the option of either buying it directly or just spending a couple dollars per loot box. Guess what happened? People whined the price was too high, and the majority opted for the loot box, and were "content" with the loot box route even if it took 80-100$+ to get the reward. Just look at how often people complain cosmetics are "over priced" for GW2, despite it being one of the cheapest. How many games even charge 8-20$ for account wide cosmetics with a one time purchase of unlimited dyes that work for everything? It's really no surprise publishers/developers just shove rare items into loot boxes. No matter what, they'll find a way to make you pay more than what they wanted to charge. See DLCs as another example. Publishers couldn't increase the price to 80$, people complained; don't worry though, now it's 60$ for the base game and another 60-180$+ for the rest of the game.
  10. Not only that but if it's as simple as using a teleport stone to get to the map then what purpose would there be in locking the scroll behind story other than to encourage having them in the first place? Do you really think A-Net doesn't know the community will just tell anyone who complains to just spend 800 gems?
  11. I personally don't like locking it behind the story either, doesn't matter if access is unlocked in a minute, or 30. I complete the story with my partner the first time, and well... sometimes it takes a long time. This means I can't bring other characters without always doing the first part, or wasting friend stones; which I don't have a million of as I do not buy BL Keys and the permanent version costs too much for what it does and frequency it would be used; I would have none if I used them every time it's been suggested too. I am also not sure why people would even suggest a cash shop/loot box item as a solution to a problem the developers intentionally created.
  12. Armor is really the way they are because that's how most RPGs have armor done. MMORPGs forcing armor types based on class never made sense considering outfits are thing, as well as cases in the "story" where a (an example) Warrior wears Medium or Light armor anyways. No makes lots of sense in RPG story telling. A Paladin wear plate armor not cloth. A knight wears plate armor not cloth armor. Makes sense to have restrictions especially when classes are more defined in the Lore. You can't use the lore excuse when plenty of games, GW2 included, has moments where professions/classes are wearing armor not of their class. Not only that, but no modern game locks heavy, medium, or light, cosmetics to specific classes, anyone can wear any outfit. Even some of GW2s armor skins are the same for all 3 armor types. It's just tradition, and money, nothing at all to do with lore. Some modern games already allow any class to wear any armor.
  13. People who play alone typically aren't "anti-team play". They're typically not for content like Raids, and it isn't due to team play, but how inconvenient it is to get a group.; as it requires sitting around talking to random people to get one going.The most popular games globally are team oriented games, but getting into a team of randoms is quick and easy for these games.
  14. Armor is really the way they are because that's how most RPGs have armor done. MMORPGs forcing armor types based on class never made sense considering outfits are thing, as well as cases in the "story" where a (an example) Warrior wears Medium or Light armor anyways.
  15. I would prefer playing which ever content I want to at the given moment, convert the gold to gems to get what I want; as opposed to being forced to possibly doing something I absolutely don't like just for a skin.I also find it very unlikely most people complaining have even bothered to unlock most of the skins/gear that can be earned through pve currently, to be complaining there's a lack of them.
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