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Power Warrior on Fractals?


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I wonder if Power Warrior is in a good place now. I was playing as Warrior on the living episode and I found a good DPS (axe/axe) on full exotics.

Is it good on t4 Fractals? What weapons/traits/utilities to use?

Thanks for the help.

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Well in full exotics you won't be getting past T1 fractals, at some point you'll be needing at least ascended trinkets so that you can get agony resistance, those are fairly easy to come by. As far as the build goes power warrior is a viable build in fractals, you can rock spellbreaker, or even core warrior for them and still pump out decent DPS. As far as weapons/traits/utilities go Metabattle has some nicely put together guides. Snow crows has some raid builds you could also make work in fractals with some minor tweaking, they're working on getting build guides setup for fractals, my problem with them is they don't really write their rotations down if you need to see it written down, but at least they have videos to follow.


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