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What classes to use lvl 80 boosts on

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I'm a relatively new player. I have an Elementalist that's half way through LWS2.

I have 2 level 80 boosts that I want to get out of my shared inventory. I plan on creating a Mesmer soon, which I'm going to level up without using the lvl 80 boosts, so I want access to my shared inventory slots for tools, passes, copper fed, etc.

My question is what two classes, should I use the lvl 80 boosts on. I'm thinking it needs to be two of the easier classes, where I won't miss out too much by not leveling them up to 80 myself.

I wish I could just sell the lvl 80 boosts, but since I can't do that, I need some advice on what classes to pick. I probably won't be playing the two classes I use the boosts on very much at first, but eventually I'd like to have one of every class. I'm guessing I will probably start out by spending about 12 hours playing each of the 2 characters I create with the lvl 80 boosts, gearing them up a little, playing around with builds, and just having a little fun with different classes before I get back to my Elementalist and Mesmer.

I've purchased all the available content, and once my Elementalist is caught up with the current content I plan on spending more time with other classes, but I'm ready to at least get started with different classes now.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Just give 2 classes a try - if you dont really plan to invest heavily into other classes apart from your elementalist (from what i understood) you probably want to use the boost for easy to learn/play classes especially since you skip the whole learning process that you usually have while leveling the normal wayFor example:Warrior and Guardian are both rather easy to learn and play and they both are mostly in a good spot in the current metaand for exampleMesmer and Engineer who would require more time to properly learn them and their rotation

So if you really have no real personal preferences for what other classes to try out then go with Warrior or Guardian in my opinion -Necro and Ranger are also one of the easier to learn/play classes but if you want to play the harder endgame content parts and use the meta builds for that they are a bit harder to gear since you mostly need full viper gear for those (Ranger can go healer too but that definitly requires knowledge of that endgame content)Warrior and Guardian both have easy to gear power dps options with berserker gear - Necro too actually but it is sometimes not that welcome among pugs)

So my personal recommendation is 2 of those 3 classes: Warrior, Guardian, NecromancerIf you plan to just play casual and mostly open world & solo content then those 4 classes are a very solid choice too - very strong solo play builds

If you happen decide for one or more of these then feel free to send me a mail ingame if you want and i can give you some advice on build and gear setup and basics about how you can play them effectively :)

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Thank you. That was a really helpful answer. Warrior and Guardian sound like good choices to use the lvl 80 boosts on.

I do plan on investing heavily in other classes. The learning curve is pretty big in this game compared to other games I've played. I figured the best strategy would be to focus on getting good with my elementalist first.

Although I have a long way to go with my elementalist, I feel like I'm ready to start adding some other classes to the mix. I'm really interested in Mesmer and engineer, but I definitely don't want to use my boosts on those classes.

I have plenty of gold, so it sounds like I will need to immediately ditch whatever gear I get with the boosts, and buy all beserker gear from the TP for the warrior and guardian.

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I used one level 80 boost on my warrior. I wanted 1 of each profession but I find warrior boring to play so it was unlikely I'd ever play it enough to get to level 80 naturally and I'm also unlikely to do anything difficult or which I've never done before on that character, so I wasn't worried about not knowing the profession as well.

The second one I actually used on an engineer who was already level 80 so I could get the items from the boost and free up the shared slot. At the time I had no plans for more characters, more than enough Tomes of Knowledge to instantly level to 80 if I needed to and so the shared slot was far more worthwhile to me than the boost.

You may already know this but Tomes of Knowledge are items which instantly grant 1 level to a character. You get them from login rewards, WvW and PvP reward tracks and a few other places and generally if you've been playing for a while you'll have more than you really need (unless you get into Black Lion Key farming and want to do it as quickly as possible). I like to keep at least 80 so if I ever do want another level 80 at short notice I can do it for free. On your characters birthdays you'll also get levelling scrolls - the first two boost a character to level 20, then on the 3rd birthday you get a level 30 scroll, level 40 on the 4th birthday and 50 on the 5th birthday. Presumably that will continue, but the oldest characters 6th birthday is at the end of August this year so we won't know for sure until then.

Basically don't worry too much about wasting the boost because there's always alternatives if you ever want another level 80 without levelling them up manually.

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