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Pet gets stuck in "stowed" state if you mount up/downstate while activating Beastmode (soulbeast)

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I've come across this bug quite a few times, i first noticed it when playing around on the skimmer and quickly mounting up after activating beastmode.

If you go into beastmode then instantly mount your skimmer (might happen with other mounts, but i've only managed to recreate this bug consistently with the skimmer) when you dismount using barrel roll your pet will be stuck in "stowed" mode. It will not come out by clicking unstow, it will not appear when using skills like "lick wounds" or going into the water, nor will it reappear when switching specializations. Only way to recall pet is by going back into beastmode and out again.The skimmer isn't the only way to make this bug happen, it has happened in sPvP matches where I was going into Beastmode just before downing. Even after dying and respawning the pet still would not come out of stowed.

This bug is incredibly easy to replicate, at least with the skimmer. nine out of ten tries i can manage to replicate the bug. I have video recordings of the bug in case needed.

EDIT: after some testing with PvP AI enemies I've realized it's the trait "Eternal Bond" that caused the stowed effect in sPvP. If Eternal Bond saves you from death but you still go down afterwards (within a second or so) the pet seems to be stowed.

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