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New to game, need advice.


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Hi. So I bought gw2 a long time ago, never got into it, but want to now.

First question. I had a bunch of boxes in mail, some of which had level boosts. These boosts are on a ranger, but I'd like to play a mesmer. Is there anyway to transfer these to a different char?

Mesmer. So..I want to build one primarily to pvp. I guess the race to use is the short guy with big ears? Aside from that, while building, can I change my build at a later time? What build should I go? How should I skill up as I level?

I don't own the latest expansion, but may buy it soon. I'll probably level a bit to try to get the hang of it..but what type of gear should I favor? A 2h sword?

Any tips to speed level? I don't have much interest in pve, only really the pvp, which I'm sure comes later. Quickest way to max out?

Can I gear up in pvp only, or do I have to pve to pvp?

Any other tips or tricks or videos to review?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi and welcome back!

You should be able to use those boosts on any character of your liking. Either take them out of the mailbox on the char you want to boost, or place them into your bank storage and take them out on the character you want to boost.

The race doesn't really matter that much since in PvP no one really uses the race specific skills. In PvE there are race related different skills which don't matter that much as well anyway, or well, they're not part of the current meta. Best thing you can do is go check out metabattle.com and watch the guides they offer. You can change your build and gear at any given time, you'll just have to grind for the different gear with the different stats except when you get legendary gear.

What gear, weapons, skills and build you should favour is in the end entirely up to you, all the meta builds and gear you'll find on metabattle.com but I'd advise you to just play the game, read the skills and try out all weapon combinations to find out which weapon set and which skills work for you the best and build upon that.

Quickest way to lvl up is to buy the expansion since you'll get an lvl 80 boost, otherwise just explore the map you're on, do all the POI's, Vistas and events you come across while doing so and try to keep up with the personal story which also gives good exp. .

In PvP you're already max. lvl. where pretty much everything is already available for you to use and enjoy. In the PvP equipment window you can choose the amulet, weapons, sigils and runes to customize and maximize your favourit or well potential playstyle as well as all the traits and skills. For PvE and WvW you'll have to grind / farm to get the best stats and equipment available.

Just search through youtube for guides and you'll be fine, but always the best thing todo is to just jump in the game and learn it or well learn your class and skills. In the beginning you'll fail hard and get killed alot, but that's part of the learning process, but it's still better than to just boost yourself to max. and having no clue about the game, char, skills, traits and mechanics IMO.

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Welcome back to GW2.

• Starting race doesn't really matter, racial skills are very rarely used (not at all in PvP).• You can use your boosts on any toon by putting it in bank storage and taking it out on another toon.• You dont need to level up at all for PvP.• In PvP lvl 1 gear is the same as lvl 80 gear, you just have to choose your amulet, sigils and runes from the pvp panel.• PvP can provide you with gear and level up tomes that will be useful in PvE/WvW if you run the correct Reward Tracks.• For initial builds go to metabattle.com, then tune according to what you find most useful.

As I think everyone in this game will advise you: try leveling up (at least) 1 toon doing the story and PvE open world. Its a good learning experience for a new class; its very carefree and easy, it will familiarize you with your skills and will provide you with a softer learning curve than you'd get than just jumping into PvP. PvP is fast and ruthless; this game can be very twitchy, positioning is key and dodging is essential. You'll have an easier time learning these concepts in PVE, rather than just getting blown up in PvP due to lack of experience (which will probably just frustrate you).

If you do play PVP right off the bat, do so in Unranked. In Ranked you're gonna have a very bad time as a beginner.

Finally, once you've decided you like the game, buy the expacs. I wish I could say differently, but the expacs do give you lots of quality of life perks (gliding, mounts) and have elite specs for your toons that will perform a LOT better in PvP in particular.

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