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suggestion to make pvp more fun and attract more players to leagues


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@Wichidi.9281 said:ban the mesmer class for the next season from ranked games and watch the community be less toxic

Oh good, another constructive thread.I suppose you'll want scourge banned after Mesmer, then SB because full counter is too strong. What next? Holo stuns too much, I guess you think that should go. What about druid and FB? Their sustain is way too high, let's dump them immediately. And thief? well nobody likes being surprised from stealth, to be safe that needs to go.Rev and Ele for next season until you find a fault with those.Jeez, threads like this is why we need a down-vote button.

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I find the following proposition suitable to the needs of those who demand this completely unrelated and pointless 1996 Quake multiplayer feature in any and all mediums that they may encounter on the internet: Make it so that if you die your characters gets deleted, and if your team loses your account gets permanently banned. Ps. You will be thought of as wimp with lady parts if you will not seriously consider my proposal and allow yourself to be childishly goaded into losing your possessions.

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@"Fanta.8049" said:To be honest just delete the pvp mode since anet cant really balance their strong language after all these years lol . Too busy making skin for gem store.

Normally I would take it as a joke, but at this point, if they want a PvE game, then just end this joke of a game mode and let GW2 by pure PvE, so that we don't have to feel the same disappointment every single so called "balance" patch.

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