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  1. No. First off, in terms of gamedev what you are asking Anet to do here is a lot more work than you may realize. They would have to redo portions of the code for every skill, recompile, QA, and then do it again several times to get the balance right. Spaghetti code also makes it so they would likely have to have the QA team go through a whole bunch of other parts of the game you would normally think are unrelated, because base stats are deeply ingrained. This would also include many skills and buffs that do not even scale off base stats, because they are still balanced around how ba
  2. Because it's more balanced that way. PvE in open world is generally designed to pander to casual gamers who do not care about balance and just want an easygoing experience. Every MMO needs at least one part of their game to pander to casuals in order to maintain profitability. Casuals generally consider games to not be fun if they are too challenging, so allowing them to retain resource in between fights is a simple way to cater to their needs. WvW is more "hardcore open world pvp" style, and thus needs to be balanced to cater to that crowd. Being able to carry resources around for
  3. This. Welcome to the age of soft match manipulation. Courtesy of the fact that matchmaking doesn't properly adjust MMR for duo Qers. Will continue to be exploited until the numbers on this are adjusted in a way that doesn't actively encourage said exploitation.
  4. Class switching is often incorrectly blamed for problems caused by an unbalanced meta. You will notice that bad metas always see more threads complaining about class stacking via switching before round start, and more even metas do not. You can't exploit matchmaking by means of "Queue as weak class, swap to overperforming class" if the balance team ensures that every class has a viable meta build, and no class is busted. For instance, right now the meta is "meh" and Warrior is underperforming while scourge is consider overtuned, and thus matchmaking can be exploited by queuing as
  5. It's because hack-users generally have an entitled and lazy mindset. They want to experience the feeling of standing at the top and telling those below them "lol u mad bro", but they don't want to have to actually gitgud and put in any effort to get there. They want the feeling of superiority, without being it. As a result of their laziness, they generally also always pick the easiest weapon/class/etc in the game that goes along with their hack.
  6. Guardian: 97% Nothingburger Revenant: Very small nerf to strike damage received, nerfed a trait no one uses anyways, buffed the healing spirit. Overall: Nothingburger Thief: lul repeater nerfed ( condi teef ) Ranger: Nothingburger Engineer: +0.5 quickness every 10 seconds!!!11111oneoneoneone!!!11 ( Nothingburger ) Necro: Nothingburger Memesmer: Nerfed clone auto attack staff damage, which actually does make sense. Fixed some bugs/inconsistencies with mantras because mesmer players would p
  7. I'm 100% sure that hacker is trolling to get a reaction. At the 12 minute mark he starts spewing racial slurs ( Calls your duo partner a s**c ), which are generally not tolerated by anets GMs. This will continue until Anet starts also banning their mains in addition to the hacker accounts. Twats will always be twats for as long as they think they can get away with it. The only way to stop it is to drop the hammer.
  8. I wonder how many +vitality/+healing power amulets anet will remove from the game before they realize the major problem is that they have never updated downstate to match the constant damage nerfs over the last year. Scourge is overtuned in the current meta for sure, but balance in general is pretty much buggered across the board until they address this critical flaw.
  9. Bruh it's a speedhack. Notice how the necros are microteleporting every second, sometimes a full 600 range? That's not lag. Lag/rubber banding will never cause someone to move faster than possible in the game.
  10. Yep. The wise fix would be to make poison "half-affected" by Resistance. IE having resistance removes the sustain debuff, but you still take damage from poison ticks.
  11. Prot holo is very broken in 1v1, but it isn't exactly "easy" to play. You at least have to react and use your shield skills wisely or you can actually get memed pretty hard. No other build in the game has anything on MM scourge when it comes to requiring zero skill to play. Literally summon minions, walk to point, spam abilities on the point. A trained monkey can do it. Is it the best build in the game? No. But OP is asking for the easiest build in the game, not the best, and that build is hands down MM scourge. You can quite legitimately play the build without even looking at your
  12. Spam is largely caused by the combination of low cast times, poor quality animations, large amounts of AoE, and lack of penalties such as animation locks/aftercasts/etc. There's plenty of CC in the game for interrupting skills, the problem is the design of those skills encourages spam anyways.
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