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  1. Sevenshot is OP, but Renegade is absolute garbage without it especially since they nerfed charged mists. So it kind of has to stay like this.
  2. Probably because Duo Q is extremely exploitable in the way matchmaking currently works. There is basically no r-penalty for it like there is in other games, making it easy to hide rating with alts ( Person with higher rating swaps to alt. ). This makes it ripe for abuse. The smarter move rather than removing duo Q IMO would just be matching Duos above 1500 as if they have 5% higher rating.
  3. IMO They should address downstate HP/s in competitive modes before touching support too hard. Right now every support spec is boosted by the fact that Anet STILL has not adjusted downstate for the post Feb2020 damage nerf meta. There a multiple duo builds in the game right now that make it effectively impossible to die unless you are outnumbered simply because the resurrection options are out of control.
  4. The problem is that it makes ranked games less fun than unranked, which shouldn't be the case. It's not a big problem in gold and below, but as soon as you hit top-250 land you WILL see some kitten and it makes the games really aids. I've seen some blatant crap like alts on core specs intentionally throwing games to snipe other peoples rating.
  5. The issue I have with the skill is it has "Raid crowd design" written all over it, where it was made for only that specific crowd in mind. This wouldn't be awful skill design for any other class as they can choose their actives, but Revenant cannot, therefore the skill sucks. Great idea. Wrong class.
  6. Anet has a track record of nerfing around problems instead of fixing them. Necromancer is in an interesting state because unlike other classes that rely on active skill for defense, Necros lack significant amount of dodge/block skills and instead most Necro defense comes in the form of passives both from traits being stronger than other classes and having lots of autopilot mechanics ( IE Shroud / lifeforce ). So when the Feb 2020 megabalance came and the cooldowns were nerfed on all defensive skills on other classes, did Anet ever properly touch the passive mechanics of Necro? Nope. And so the
  7. Bugs I noticed: -Movement skills from GS or Alliance Stance do not seem to be considered movement skills by traits. IE Top trait from devastation Aggressive Agility does not remove immobilize with using GS 3, or other new movement skills. -Song of the Mists when used to swap to Alliance Stance often gives the skill of the legend you swapped from. -Spirit Boon similar problem as above bug. Wrong boons from wrong legend if LAS is equipped. -The Dodge/ "Doomfist" is glitchy. Sometimes people fly up multiple times rubber banding and lagging to oblivion. If the skill is interru
  8. They aren't bad at all. The thing is they made them intentionally underpowered, which skews peoples first impressions.
  9. Anybody against cast time / aftercasts / animations is against skillful play. If anything, poor tells is exactly what a lot of other specs lack, and this philosophy should be retroactively applied to the balance of previous specs. I will take better tells over "JuSt InCrEasE ThE cOoLdOwNz" any day.
  10. Second this bug. It doesn't happen often but there seems to be a 100ms window where the "Doomfist" Skill can be disrupted.
  11. This here is the main problem I had with it. Since F2 is effectively your adrenaline burst, having it locked on all other weapons adds an unnecessary layer of "Clunkyness" to the spec.
  12. Vindicator isn't nearly as bad as people are making it out to be. It has some clunky skills such as the F2, but overall it's the strongest new espec being released. Some feedback for sPvP: Pros: -Greatsword is fun. The fact that GS has a block and LAS has a good condi clear means Rev is finally free to not just be stuck on Staff in PvP. Things like GS/Sw+Axe, GS/Mace+Axe, GS/Sw+Sw, all can be played. -"Doomfist" is fine mechanically. I was skeptical of 1-dodge but the vigor trait allows it to still have decent survival. Possibly too much, but I wouldn't blame the vigor tr
  13. Vindicator looks decent overall, and the dual legend works in a way that is unique enough to give Revs a new playstyle. However, there is one huge glaring flaw with the class - and that is the F2 skill produces two very different effects that can easily conflict with each other. For instance, say you are playing defensively and you need endurance but you want your skills to also be in the defensive stance. Using F2 in this situation conflicts your desire to be defensive, because you get the endurance but lose the skills you want. On the flip side, say you are playing offensively an
  14. Thread no longer relevant due to recent stream
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