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  1. Because anet continues to nerf around problems instead of fixing problems. Example: refusing to update downstate HP for the Feb 2020 patch damage reduction. A glaringly obvious and very serious balance issue that has persisted for almost 2 years now.
  2. Shiro needs no rework, and any buff it could get is minor. Reverting the PT cooldown which wasn't even needed may be enough. Dwarf is alright. They need to fix the bug on IR though. Randomly fails to cast, and has random lag in between stacks. Fix the bug and put the stab to 1.5 second and dwarf is fine. Mallyx is in an odd spot. The range on the pull is huge, but everything else about mallyx is underwhelming. This makes mallyx great for fighting alongside support, but kind of bad everywhere else. You can make an OK tank build with it in PvP but that's only because rabid amulet is
  3. You are completely missing the point. I'm saying that revealed should be applied when the skill is being cast.
  4. It has been said before and needs to be said again. There really isn't any inherent problem with DH. The problem is that the stealth mechanic, in the way it currently works, is bad for the game as it deeply encourages an unskillful playstyle. Pretty much every other game with stealth has some kind of soft counter to stealth, such as an audio cue, revealing when attacking instead of on dealing damage, or semi visibility when close enough. GW2 stealth only has a hard counter ( Revealed debuff ) or no counter at all, so you either have access to an ability that makes stealth 100% useless OR
  5. The 5 man community is astronomically smaller than the people in it think it is. Making matchmaking 5-man just replaces the current problems of matchmaking with exclusion and elitism. This has been both explained and proven in the past. Just look to ATs for all the proof you need. People keep suggesting 5man as some magical solution to all our problems. It's not.
  6. It's fun if you find rev fun and are good at rev, but it's not the best roamer due to poor options when being outnumbered / zerged. Most classes have either a long range teleport, stealth, or gap closers that don't require a target to use. The best you have on Rev is riposting shadows and some superspeed. You can kite for a while on Rev, but the reality is the only way to deal with zergs is to be able to get away long enough to drop combat which Rev can't really do.
  7. Mirage is very "mechanically" broken. It adds a lot of questionable things like dodging while CCd ( A mechanic that has been repeatedly identified by the majority of the PvP community as being bad for the game ) to a class that already has a ton of cheese, and is thus very uninteractive when played even semi competently. If you were here 4 years ago you would remember that these abilities put Mirage in a position where it remained SS-God tier in the meta even after repeated nerfs. So Anet had a choice, either rework Mesmers design entirely, or nerf their numbers to the ground until the c
  8. Skill flipping on use isn't necessary. The new F3 is actually really nice. The ONLY problem with it is that it has a cast time. Remove that, and it's gold.
  9. GS5 is fine and needs no buffs. It does absurd damage, at the cost of having both a very obvious animation and red circle tells ( To prevent it from being busted in PvP ) If it also had CC on it, even soft CC, the skill would immediately become overpowered. The Point of GS5 is that you are supposed to combo it with another skill, and keep track of your opponents dodges for it to be good. These downsides are exactly how high damage skills should be balanced. It's good for the game for the same reason Ranger GS2 is good for the game. Unless you are talking about PvE, in which case, lmao Pv
  10. Telling us to exit and relaunch the game for a nonexistent update.
  11. Yes and every single one has a better system than what GW2 has. Hell even every single non-mmo action game that has stealth I've seen has a more interactive stealth system.
  12. No. The damage reduction that happened feb 2020 was fine. The problem was they also gutted cooldowns, which ultimately became a boon to both zerging and passives.
  13. Correct problem. Incorrect solution. It has been proven MANY times that the 5 man community is one of an extremely vocal minority. Take how big you think it is, divide it by about 100, and you will be closer to the actual number. . ATs are basically 5-man but provide exceptionally good rewards even if you don't even do very well. And even then many ATs only have 6 teams. Often the same 6 teams. 5 man Q = Dead Q. Here is the ACTUAL solution: 1. The time to ban all free accounts from ranked has come. This means that a multi-box botter must now always put money into the syst
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