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Hi Guys . Just recently started playing the game since i saw it was free to play now. use to play gw the very 1st one currently lvl 26 and looking to see if any Guild is willing to take in a noob such as I to show the ropes and how things are done. been just play by my self for 4 days now. got the pof ultimate edition since i had fun during those 4 days. now its time to get serious. my goal eventually is to do PVP AND WVW eventually but i wanna get the mechanics of how each class work 1st. hence the reason why i need a guild..... any ways i did lvl boost a mesmer to 80 so i can get the free stuff and the mount but i skipped all the story since i wanna do this the right way. i have a bunch of stuff in the bank that im afraid to use coz i dont wanna waste it. usually play my warrior since its simple enough

Shenlong KaiCharr-Warrior

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I show a lot of people the ropes, so if you need help or have questions hit me up in game on Vayne.8563. I've taught this game to dozens of people. I'm not sure my guild would be for you long term, because we're centered on PvE (though we're doing more WvW as well lately) but we don't PvP much at all. A few people do but not many.

Then again the game seems more centered on PvE and WvW than SPvP to me. Anyway, if you're interested, I'll be in game in about ten minutes for the rest of the evening.

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If you're on EU, I'd be happy to lead you around in PvE to show you how to do some stuff! For me, learning the game is wandering around in PvE and doing hearts, collecting PoIs and vistas and doing the occasional random event until I unlock a new chapter of the personal story, which I'll then play. The story is important to me as a player, but if that differs for you, we can work out something! :D

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Phantom Soul Reavers [sOUL]:

We seeking new members to help make this guild grow. We accept only those who are serious about making a home and tight knit group for our gaming family. We are looking for fun loving playful, people to join our ranks.We are male and female friendly and LGBT. We are a safe place for all.We are a casual/social guild on the NA servers. We are in the Central/Eastern time zone.

1) Age of 18+ 2) Discord is used to communicate and to get to know each other. We require it for use.3) We have a Zero Tolerance for Drama!.4) Our guild is currently level 40.5) Fractals taught up to tier 1 and tier 2.6) Real life comes First.7) We are located on Crystal Desert server for WvW.8) Need more members for guild missions and so much more to come in the future.

We ask that you use Discord so we are able to give instructions and get to know you as one of our Members. If you do not wish to speak at least listen when needed.We are currently a small guild, but with your help we will expand and grow. We ask that you be patient while we grow and build our home in (Windswept Haven).

Visit our website: https://psr.shivtr.com/ Please fill out the application. It will be processed quickly.

WolfieBlitz.9583 (Guild Leader) Wolfie Blitz#6768 discord nameOfficer (Wizardwolf.7016)Officer (Foodninja.5198)

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