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Your favorite mount paint jobs

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There hasn't been a mount gallery in quite a while, and we've all had time to mess around with colors and favorite skins. How about posting some of your own favorite mount paint jobs? Simple or fancy, just so your mount looks fabulous.QASVqBZ.pngPeach Fuzz: Issnur Long HairElectro Peach--Frostbite GreenBloodstone Dark Indigo--Seafoam

zcTAIot.pngRedbird: Clouded CorvusFrostbite Green--MagmaFrostbite Green--Bloodstone Dark Coral

iBssvvh.pngEmperor: Grand LionDapple--RedemptionRegal--Starry Night

Eu2XQlC.pngBrontius Lite: Storm Ridge (would be better animated)Silver--Silver SatinElectro Blue--Pthalo Blue

YHn4DHC.pngUltra Violet: Branded raptor (Another one that needs animation to do it justice)Pthalo Blue--SapphireMagenta--Destroyer Orange

8seODMo.pngButane: Fire PinionWhite--Winter BreezeStarry Night--Sky

nwG1qiH.pngPatina: Canyon SpiketailSprig--CopperTarnish--Copper

Please post some of your own!

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