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Newbie looking for guild! [EU][Underworld]


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Hi! I'm still fairly new to the game, and have reached level 80 on my first character, a ranger. I'm playing her as a condi Soulbeast at the moment while I finish map completion (I will get HoT at the end of the month for Druid).

I'm looking for a guild that is social and does a bit of everything. I am especially interested in fractals and just derping around.I'm from germany, so the guild can be english or german speaking.It would be great if the guild would use discord to communicate outside the game in both text and voice.I don't mind if the guild is small or big or anywhere in between, or even just starting out. As long as there's nice people to do things with and who can show me the 80+ ropes.

Thank you for reading!

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