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can the next spec involve a different color then black green and yellow

bara yaoi.3824

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I really hope for color change-up too.

I want to see colors tied to the necromancer masques available at character creation.

  • Demon masque: red & black (w/ small amount of yellow-green)
  • Wraith masque: white & pale teal-blue
  • ...I'd say the skull masque already fit core necro

So I'm hoping for both a Demonologist or Vampire/Blood theme and a Wraith themed elite spec one day.

I think a Wraith theme with all ghostly whites would be interesting. I'm very fond of the Strawberry Ghost effect and I think it would look cool as the Wraith shroud. It could be some kind of ghostblade sword class that has movement (speed/blinking) and invisibility like a thief. Or with some kinds of ghostly fog blind effects. Also would visually match well with the Grasping Phantom Glider and Verdarach. And, Wraith is just an awesome name for an elite spec.

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To be fair necro has a bit of red hidden here and there (life leech animations on blood fiend signet of locust and dagger #2). My necro look plays with that and result is very consistent with his kit.

As for new colors - hell no! I play necro because of his death theme backed by green/black pallete with bit of ghastly blue and blood red in certain places. For same reason i'm not touching mesmer - i hate pink!

If a-net provided skins that change skillset colors like in League of Legends, I'd be cool with that, as long as the base elite spec stays a necro color wise. The vomit yellows on scourge were already a stretch imho.

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it will likely always be some dulled non vibrate color mixed with black of some sort as that makes necro a necro. its the same reason why all mesmer stuff is pink or purple for one it makes the professions clear and transparent from one another even if you dont know what spec that said profession is you will always be able to go "Thats a necro, Thats a mesmer, Thats a gaurdian." etc

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