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Idea for new reward structure - Serpent's Ire example


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As many of you know, Serpent's Ire at the moment is unpopular for various reasons at the moment. It is unrewarding upon completion, it requires coordination above and beyond other metas and extremely prone to failure due to having a higher than average burden of knowledge around class skills than other metas. Instead of asking for nerfs I want to pose another idea and use this meta as an example.

For the sake of this discussion, let's pretend that event scaling and gameplay clarity around how to do the event are solved. I'm asking for a massive increase in potential rewards but gated behind contextual participation. I'll outline an example.

Increase rewards to give up to 10 (some arbitrary high number) amalgamated gemstones as part of the daily chest. During the event the game tracks and displays the amount of CC you have contributed to the event. You receive rewards depending on how high you push your own personal participation. For example:

  • Bronze Rewards - contribute less than 500 CC during the duration of the meta - champ bag, 2 blues and a green
  • Silver Rewards - contribute 1000-2000 CC during the duration of the meta - Bronze + 3 Gemstones
  • Gold Rewards - contribute 2000+ CC during the duration of the meta - Silver + 7 Gemstones

Please don't fixate too much on the numbers themselves as they're just there to illustrate the point. I know that there are other factors such as economy and potentially drawing away crowds from other maps if the rewards are so over the top. Let's assume that 10 is the magic number that would give us a happy economy and leaves other maps still populated.

The CC thresholds will obviously scale depending on population present and should never total to over 70% of what is required to complete the event as to not minimize the case of Mesmers potentially taking away rewards from other players because they CSed Moa 4 times during the meta and accumulated 8000 CC damage, leaving none for other players. The point here is that the main contributor to success of the event is what is tracked and adequately rewarded upon completion. This example was chosen as to not favor any particular play style since damage, healing, boons, melee, ranged playstyles all can fit CC into their bars and is also largely gear independent.

So the question to all of you is what do you guys think about a system like this existing for harder open world metas only? I think the outcomes of this system would be

  1. Higher potential rewards would attract more people to the event including more experienced veterans and would increase the likelihood the event completes
  2. The intermingling of newer and veteran players (and also the organic growth of skill that comes with this interaction) is lacking now since Raids have a relatively high skill barrier of entry, high tier fractals has a high gear barrier. Dungeons used to be this somewhat but those don't really exist anymore.
  3. Sort of alluded to in point 2, but it would be one step towards raising the average skill level of the general population.
  4. Putting this on only very few and difficult map metas would ensure that casual open world players still have their content to play. Leave essentially all existing HoT and Core map reward structures alone for now.
  5. Even with events like AB with high completion rates, map chat can still get pretty heated when a lane messes up. With more on the line, this reward structure would create more of that behavior.
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I see option 5 being the most likely outcome of this. People want rewards, but may not want to do everything needed to earn them. Or understand what it is they need to do, even if they believe they know. When the rewards don't happen, it's going to make people angry.

No, I'm not going to pretend that I have a good solution for it. Some vague ideas, but no sure solution. I do know the event needs adjustment, and some kind of reward overhaul. I just don't think bigger is better, in this case.

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