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Cutscenes and Cinematics not playing

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I went back to the Living World Season 3 storyline and on part where theres a cutscene that Aurene would hatch, it did not show anything at all. Only black screen but music still playing. And it seems that its not only that scene or cinematic that is not working, there are more cinematic that is not playing at all. I already repaired my Gw2 file but its still the same, though others are able to play their cinematic scenes, just not mine. Is there anyone else having this problem?

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Might not have something to do at all with your problem, so please ignore it, if you haven't heard about what I write. But in another game I had the same problem. And it seems, disabling the Media Foundation Codecs via the K-Lite Codec Pack Tweaking Tool caused this problem. If you never heard about it, you probably haven't fiddled with the Media Foundation, then just ignore my thoughts.

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