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Mount - Asura animation bug / double weapon


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There appears to be a bug involving mounts for Asura players. While the effects aren't really harmful, they tend to be rather annoying as of late.

The problems seems to show up after you use your mount attack to jump into combat. It has a random chance of happening but when it does, it suddenly bugs out the player animation of the character. The character's arms either stand outwards in a T like pose, either one or both at a time. Or they start to become tilted to one side, giving off a rather odd appearance. Both the player and other people can see this bug at times.

There also seems to be another cause at random times when the player character suddenly has two weapons on their back. Both their main weapon, and their water combat weapon. Mounting up seems to fix this bug, but after a while when you jump back into combat with it, the bug can appear again. Either subtle or worse then before.








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