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Burstsmith Build help please


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I'm going to post the Spvp version. I'll try to add explanation on parts.

Rifle with Sigil of Agility and Battle (Ideally, I go into Holomode with quickness, swiftness, and 4 stacks of might to have a pseudo assassin mode)Marauder runes (Health needed? Or more ferocity?) with Scholar Runes (Damage.)

A.E.D, Rifle Turret, Utility Goggles, Flamethrower, and Prime Light Beam (I need a melee range stun for when Rifle 4 is gone, Goggles break stun, Flamethrower gives more dps, and all are 0s cast time toolbelts)

Explosives with Evasive Powder Keg, Blasting Zone, Steel-Packed Powder, Aim-Assisted Rocket, Shaped Charge, and Orbital Command (Vulnerability increases damage, and vulnerability infliction increases damage, and Blasting Zone gives more damage than Glass Cannon at EVERY point which is sad)

Tools with Optimized Activation, Static Discharge, Mechanized Deployment, Lock On, Excessive Energy, Adrenal Implant (Toolbelts give vigor, all my toolbelts shoot lightning, Vulnerability and Reveal are good, Vigor gives 10% bonus damage, and Dodging is very good)

Holosmith with Photon Projector, Solar Focusing Lens, Heat Therapy, Crystal Configuration: Storm, Laser's Edge, Photonic Blasting Module (Holosmith is fun, swapping to holomode gives 10% damage, range is nice, using holomode gives 15% more damage, and exploding on people after going ballistic is awesome)

So far, I kinda get how this works. Ideally, I press Rifle 2 then Rifle 5 on top of them, then I press F2-3-4, Rifle 3, Rifle 4, Utility Goggles to break self-stun, Holo 5 and then Holo 4, then Prime Light Beam. Interestingly, entering holo shoots a lightning but this still seems the best order.

Any suggestions on how to make this build better? I really want to play Engineer because it's awesome aesthetically, but I only really like rifle and holo stuff so far because I don't understand the rest of the class. Turrets are fun tho.

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Have you checked the Metabattle Holosmith build. It's pretty... meta. Great synergies, high damage, but not too squishy. It can serve as an inspiration for what you want.

My two cents: anything that you fail to burst down will eat you alive (which will steadily increase in number as you get into higher levels of play). Condition builds in particular will give you trouble.

  • Ditto Peutrifectus. FT does nothing for you. Use photon wall instead.
  • Understand that A.E.D relies on the enemy dealing lethal damage. I do not know if overheating triggers it. In general, I recommend using healing turret which offers better condi cleanse (?), group heal, water fields, and generally more sustain, but since you probably want the extra health bar and the tool belt...
  • Tools line looks fine, although you could try swapping adrenal implant for kinetic battery for quickness if you're going for a SD build.
  • I would change Crystal Configuration: Stormy -> Crystal Configuration: Eclipse. As of now, you don't have ANY stability, and you'll die/get interrupted easily against classes with a lot of CC (like holosmith :p). It will also help using rifle #4.
  • I'm not sure what your play style is but I would change Photonic Blasting Module to Thermal Release Valve or even Enhanced Capacity Unit. Being locked out of PF is losing a lot of damage and utility. Rifle does not offer enough on its own if you miss your burst.
  • You don't need a sigil of battle. PF #3 nets you plenty of might. Swap if for a sigil of energy or intelligence or something.
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I mess around with this sometimes in unranked.http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vdAQJAsenEIDlXhFJD2UB0ehFSDrf/9/Kggzmbz/YMA0ceOA-jJBXABC/AAAY/hlPBANUGAAI suppose if you want to try melee (even tho on zerk holo its suicide) you could drop storm for eclipse and swap rifle turret for toolkit. you could even try sanguine array for more might in team fights with box of nails but getting anywhere near said fight will most likely end up with you being downed.

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