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Questions about how "Manifest Sand Shade" works?


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Hi all,

I'm a bit confused how manifest sand shade works. It says the following: "Manifest a sand shade using some of your life force. Whenever you use a shade ability, you and your sand shades strike nearby foes."

My understanding is that placing a shade, will cause it to torment/cripple someone in their area. And it will toss a barrier on them as well if i have that trait. My understanding is that is only during the placement part.

My questions:

  1. Once placed, when I activate shade abilities, they activate around me and my shade. (Hitting each target I have no idea how many times if we're both standing next to the target). Does "strike nearby foes" mean when I use f2-f5 it also places the "manifest sand shade" damage (torment/cripple) again? or only the f2 ability?
  2. Does the barrier from the trait on placing manifest sand shade reoccur during activation of f2-f5 or is it ONLY during the placement of manifest sand shade?
  3. Is there any benefit to standing next to your shade when your enemy is in the shade's range ala mesmer where you both effect the target?

Thanks and sorry to bother.

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1) It will do the f2-f5 effect, and also the damage/torment/cripple of the F1 ability This will also proc most F1 effects, such as dhuumfire.2) only on actually placing a shade, not on other abilities3) Yes and no. The f2-f5 abilties will NOT hit the same target multiple times, however, the F1 portion which happens on each use of F2-F5 WILL hit the same target multiple times.

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