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Skyrim style compass?

Tai Kratos.3247

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When I'm navigating the world, I noticed that I'm staring at the map in the corner most of the time, which is a real shame. I'd love to be able to look out at the world while I'm exploring.

I think it'd be amazing if anet added a Skyrim style compass to the game. And by that I mean a compass at the top of the screen, above where enemy info is displayed. It could show distance by fading in locations like in Skyrim and also show height with the green and blue arrows already in the game.

I think that this kind of feature would be a great way to emphasize exploration and showcase their world. They make beautiful maps, and with this we could actually look at them while we travel! For people that wouldn't like it, they could just toggle it off in the options.

So, what do you guys think?

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Personally can't see the need for it, my compass is in my head. Plus the mini map is always in my peripheral vision, so my eyes just notice nodes, map exploration points etc without having to every really look at it. Can't really see why anyone would be staring at the mini map all the time, at most an occasional glance is surely all that's needed.

I can't really see it being worth dev time to add in a Skyrim style compass alongside the existing mini map.

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