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Southeast Asia Server

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Hi, as far as I've known. Last year, I created an account and played guildwars. The thing is, we don't have a server for SE Asia, base on my own experiences we get a bit "Laggy" in PVPs and WvWs. Is there any hope the one day, guildwars might propose a server; SE Asia and allow us to move from it. (I chose North America though since it's the least "laggy" thingy as shown)

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If it’s set up like the Eu and NA server system where account information is stored in a central computer on each continent and the computer spins out map shards for the players, a SE Asia server system would need a separate data center computer and enough players to populate at least 3 WvW maps plus enough players for sPvP and the entirety of PvE. If it’s like that then the SE Asia players would be separated from the EU and NA players and can’t play together unless they transfer their account. So it would need sufficient players plus a data center on another continent and for the players to be willing to be separated from the people and guilds on the data center they play on right now.

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