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Chantry of Secrets map completion in Hoelbrak?

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I just completed World mapping while in Hoelbrak. Last thing I did was Dragon Hallow POI in Veins of the Dragon in Hoelbrak. One of the rewards chests gave me 8001 XP and said it was for Chantry of Secrets Map Completion. Is that a bug? Chantry of Secrets is nowhere near Hoelbrak. Just curious if anyone else has seen anything like that or knows why I got that. I also got a transmutation charge for Hoelbrak completion and 2 Gift of Exploration for World map completion.

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@"Boysenberry.1869" said:I seem to recall a bug that sometimes caused the Chantry of Secrets POI to not get counted. Finishing other maps may have been one of the ways to trigger the completion of it. Maybe someone else remembers better than I.

sounds familiar, if i remember correctly the bug was just not getting the chest after grabbing the POI, and after getting any other map finished it would trigger the Chantrys chest as a "oops" moment.

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