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[Suggestions] Several ideas for next year Halloween


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Hello there, I wandered around the lab yesterday and met several useless Mad spirit (floating blue orb/soul thingy) and I think that several opportunities of quests/ collections have been missed and will btw use that post to add my suggestion about new types of weapons. By the way, don't hesitate to fusion thread if another is covering the same subject. :)


So firstly, why not a quest with these mad spirits like: "Help mad spirits all around Tyria" Title: Souls defender + Reward "The journey" = Hand lantern skin for torch :DContext: Several mad spirits escaped mad king realm, tracked down by soul reapers (Can have a lich skin/mouth of zhaitan skin but with a ghostly effect cf Strawberry ghost), you have to defend them against these legendary class ghosts. :oEvents: At the beginning, an portal to the underworld appear, a mad spirit coming out of him, followed by aatxe, shadows and lunatic soldiers; have to defend the spirit for 1-2 min. Then the spirit try to flee, pursued by the leg. ghost, here acting like an ley line anomaly, but without stops, the legendary attack infinitely the spirit until he his dead, you have to kill the soul reaper before it kill the spirit. If succeeded, the spirit disappear slowly, happy. That chain of event at 5 different maps. :)


Secondly, unlocking a new area called "Mad Castle", can currently be seen at the west of the labyrinth, floating in the air. In reality it's the mad king weaponry/armory with several puzzles, each puzzle award you an unique weapon piece never seen before, they are still the weapon type written, but the appearance of a non-existent weapon: To be more clear: Books skin for focus, Crossbow skin for rifle, Whip for staff, Great axe for greatsword.... Puzzles would be close to guild missions ones but only require group of 5 players. :D

Thirdly, a new game, survival. Everyone are in the same team/arena, and have to fight against hundreds of Halloween enemies in waves, the player that stay longer win, to make it more appealing, each enemy drop loot, and the winner got 5 large bags of candies. Not that health in that game don't regenerate. You can't kill others but you can attract some foes on them, question of strategies. They all came from the 6 doors at the corners of the arena, randomly. :o

Fourthly, new Halloween foes, I'm thinking about dummies as example: could be armor-stand jumping around, slowing you down as much as they can. Also little note, dog gargoyles should be renamed Demon dogs, the flying versions can stay as gargoyles. And why not potentially like FOFWinds, an exclusive map within the mad realm that can be explored? In fact, we already have one, I love the design of the domain of grenth during the PoF act "The departing" can be re-used to become an Halloween map Imho. :o

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@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

@"hugo.4705" said:Ah and by the way, when we knocking at the doors, we have " trick or treat " as interaction, but in fact, we never saw a neutral npc coming out and giving us candies, only tricks.

I don't see an NPC, but when it
a treat, rather than a trick, Trick-or-Treat bag(s) appear.

Ah yup surely better, dunno maybe bags thrown through the doors? :) Easy, efficient.

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And while we are at it, where's the Necrid Horsemen that used to be found all over Kryta? Can we have that skin for our character and raptor mount? And how about the grasp of insanity showing up as well (maybe a jackal mount?). They were BOTH Halloween creatures during GW1 Halloween events. And you could even bring back the Bone Dragon!!

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@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:I'm pretty sure they do come from the doors. There's a visible arc to where they land.

Yeah I agree, was speaking about the mad lab ones, in Tyria, yeah they drop ToT bags, but not in lab. Why not adding Bags door in addition? or a few chance for them to do so? Actually, some doors, you are 100% sure you have a boss, and let's say for others, 50-50 veteran or mob waves. But then, 0% for candies. It would be nice to diversify spawn places and types of doors.

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