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Speedbreaker Build


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Here: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vJEQRAoX3YnMdY6gWdt6ajHGPwqDvuwJiTELKB2RWIAE8UmCjuSA+MuHPkB-jBCGABA8AAoSJYZaOCU9HjU+By+DmpHZhDWQAgDgzbezbezP/8zf+5nf+5n31nf+5nf+5nf+5nXKA2kpB-e

(Sigil of Severance in the empty sigil slots gw2skills.net has not added them yet)


I'm burnt out for the day. Didn't polish the build enough or the video. Will go over it tomorrow.
The sun is up, time for me to return to my coffin.

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Ok. I went over the build again.



Furious Instead of Duel WieldingVengeful Return Instead of Warrior's SprintBrawler's Recovery for more condi removalHeightened Focus if you want plain dagger daggerRevenge counter if you have other source of might generation like food and gear.

Gear(The gear part of all my builds are usually weak because I can't afford to test out different gears. So I recommend using what works for you)

Sigil of Draining Instead of Sigil of Blood

More Zerker Gear if you want to do more damage.More Soldier Gear if you want to take more damage.

(For casual players)Rune of Melandru if you are struggling with condi removalRune of Scrapper if you have slow reflexes

FoodWhatever tastes good.

(I use Lemongrass Poultry & Superior Sharpening Stone)

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Here is the latest from me:http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vJEQNAoYUnMdY6gWdt6ajHGPwqDvuwJiTELKB2xAIAE8wvx94hsyUY0dEA-jFzGQBrY/hAcIAQwJAoQq/EFlgDR5nCOQBm5IAMG9Aj8BAAgDoQc00EA4A48m38zz8zP/8nf+5nf+5t95nf+5nf+5nf+5jBgN-w(Springer Mount & Potions of Karka Toughness not in GW2skills.net atm)

This is what I'm using for solo roaming in WvW and PvE.

I tired testing out 2 Sup Vamp, 2 Maj Vamp and 2 Minor Vamp rune. It matches my dandy vampire-esque character but the proc chance on the life steal is too low to make much difference.Also tried 2 Superior Vampire Rune, 2 Superior Scavenger Rune & 2 Superior Flock Rune. It looks cool when it pops but the stat loss is not worth it imo.Not sure how I can take the tank build to the next level without dropping dagger dagger & picking up shield.

Edit: Changed to Rune of Strength for PvE and Rune of Hoelbrak for WvW.

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I was running a build with similar armor stats at first, it was very tanky. The problem is the damage was so low that it became a liability in WvW roaming. The longer a fight drags on the more likely enemies are to +1 (or more) your fight. I was still getting kills with the tank stats, but I also lost fights because I just could not seal the deal fast enough.

I ended up going with Maruader armor, and zerker everything else. I offset the offensive stats with defensive food, runes, and a few trait choices. This had worked so much better for me. I still feel way more durable than my old core main, but the offensive potential with full counter and the higher damage is just so much better.

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