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Some scrub tempest gameplay PvP


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A few things;-You have no on demand stunbreaker, other than the overloads, which requires you to already be in an attunement for 5 seconds.-Your condi cleansing is mostly on aura application and explosion probably, which , is not that bad, but as a melee vs a necro/condi mesmer, you will blow since you will spend more time going through your rotations to cleanse than to do those long winding combos that leave you open for free damage.

Last thing and it isnt about the build; please have one or the other; in-game music or overlaying music, both at the same time is painful T_T

While the build seems fun (and similar to what I run, D/D tempest, water/arcane with 2 cantrips) I cant take it very seriously because the opponent I saw you fighting had just as bizarre builds for the most part; DD with guild of assassins, a side noder FB that died to an ele when their sustain should mean both of you should simply stall each other, a core warrior (probably a new player, cuz I cant imagine anyone really thinking core > spellbreaker right now). I do not know your pvp rank or if this was a ranked game at all, but at least in my rating right now (1500-1560 which is where I hover) I barely, if ever see this stuff, specially not in the same game, and this build wouldn't hold up to the CC and condi pressure I see there.

edit1: I kid you not that when I say that if we pool my average build encounters in my rating together, every game has 1-3 soulbeasts, 1-2 holos,1-2 spellbrekaers, 0-1 DE, 2-4 guardians, of which 1-2 are FB and the rest burst guardians (which again I dont think your build can survive through 1 combo without any damage mitigation). 1-3 condi mirage, and the rest are reapers/scourage, with an occasional sprinkle of ele if I play one, shiro and shatter mirage. Sure there are some deviant builds, but usually those are people who like me, want to try some variation in ranked and well, given our rating, they have to go against all that meta stuff, and also, due to how few of us are at the 250 ranks, many of us know each other by name and call each other out on those builds.

edit2: cuz I know it is coming after all I said: (this season rank) https://imgur.com/3dry8XL, (class breakdown) https://imgur.com/SIxZ4r1, (last season rank) https://imgur.com/QnLlIO6

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Please don't have your build tab open, it just blocks the view. If you want to show the build, put a link to it in the description for the video. Additionally you need to work on your video tags. I got a whole bunch of Star Craft videos for recommended after watching your video.

Also you probably want to do something to make the videos more interesting. Music Montage #3423 isn't interesting, and your format is even worse as you've got the whole match in there including all the boring walking around parts. If you want to stick with the music montage you should probably start cutting video to trim out the boring fights. Otherwise you might

Also your video recording setup is not working for you. Your video was both stuttering during heavy fights and had lots of artifacting. The latter was particularly noticeable when watching in fullscreen. If you CPU can't handle good x264 encoding without tanking your FPS, then you might want to try out Quick Sync encoding if you've got a Intel CPU, or NVENC if you've got a Nvidia GPU. Those two options take load off your CPU and will hopefully allow for more watchable videos.

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You guys have the wrong idea...@fort.I don't need stun break on ele for starters, sure it comes in handy and all but LF is my stunbreak / reposition tool combined with the 4 overloads, it probably doesn't look like it but there are plenty of times where I hold off on attuning just incase I need that stun break.... If melee stuns me, pop static aura to stun back... now both you guys stunned lmao (thats if I dont have an overload available or LF available, I reach the same effect as stun break would but I just take a different route to get there using different tools)Condi cleanse comes from Auras but as for rotating to cleanse, it's not that hard to do and mostly feels passive (passive auras from traits and also from switching to fire for the passive fire aura and the 8 stacks of might).. I DO however switch out strength runes for soldier or hoelbrak runes when the other team is condi heavy

@CrinnI'm not a tech wiz and had good set up going, then I tried to up my graphics and record but it stalled my PC... I'm still trying to adjust recording settings and learn how to use editing software... I tried to a commentary once but my Wife and daughter kept coming into the room wondering if I was talking to them or not lmaoThe stat window is there for pure purposes of seeing the stats... I pre-empted that good ol argument most have about celestial being useless and giving dud stats by showing the that the extra power in fire, high upkeep on might, stacking raw ferocity through Air and via auras with Fury can give you the stats reszembling that of a marauder or berserker ammy but while also having all the other stats there too like healing/vit/toughness

@"Alatar.7364"I've been really enjoying trying to make "outside the box" builds work, sure do miss Water trait but I'm starting to think it's not needed anymore... I've cycled through quite a few different builds now, some more than successful than others... My biggest weakness has to be Holo though across all builds, just wish we had a bit more stab to deal with em.

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