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  1. I have for a long time been of the opinion that all boons and all conditions should be rebalanced to stack intensity not duration, and that boon-to-condition and condition-to-boon conversions should convert equivalent stack quantities. i.e. 3 might corrupts into 3 weakness wherein 1 stack of weakness equals 2% glancing and endurance redux.
  2. No, they should absolutely return the damage to all CC weapons skills. That change was stupid then, and is still stupid now. We can debate the merits of returning damage to utility CCs.
  3. Ranger because pulsing immobilizes need to kitten off.
  4. This is a very odd time to be complaining about corrupts. Since the feb 2020 patch halved the amount of boon corrupts and the duration of boons, no necro even bothers building for corrupts. Lets look at the modern necro builds: Core condi necro: Has 2 corruption skills; Scepter 3 and Dagger 5. 1 boon apiece. Might have a double corrupt if they took path of corruption trait, however Terror seems to be more popular these days. Scourge: Same as core. Spectral Reaper. Axe 3 only. Single corrupt. The only class that is majorly affected by modern necro's corrupts is warrior as warrior exclusively produces might and has no cover boons, thus every single corrupt will hit the warrior's might. This is a warrior only problem. This is also why nerf weakness threads are exclusively written by warrior mains.
  5. Because whenever a "nerf weakness" thread shows up, it's always a warrior main that posted it. Every single time. With the exception of the rev stuff, all of those things you linked have been around since before the specialization update in 2014. This is not a balance problem. Throwing nerf requests at random stuff is not making sPvP any better. They literally halved the duration of weakness application on most skills in the feb. 2020 patch. If they make it anymore "tactical" it literally won't exist.
  6. This is objectively incorrect. All necros will continue using staff even if Soul Marks is deleted because there is no other option for that slot. Core necro has 3 mainhands (axe, scepter, dagger) and 1 two handed weapon. (staff) Mainhand dagger is nonviable in all gamemodes so in practice necro only has 3 options for 2 weapon slots. Axe and Scepter are polar opposites the former is a pure power weapon and the latter is a pure condition weapon. As such there really isn't any reason to have both on a build. Thus the only sane weapon combinates are Axe/x + Staff for power builds and Scepter/x + Staff for condition builds. Now lets look at elites. Scourge is a given an offhand torch and comes in either condi dps or support flavors. Since torch is offhand only it doesn't compete with anything scourge is pigeonholed into scepter/x + staff for all gamemodes. Reaper is a given a Greatsword which *is* a viable alternative to staff, and you will periodically encounter Axe+GS Reapers is SPvP. (I am one of those.) Harbinger is given a MH pistol, however both pistol and scepter are 900 range pure condition weapons and as such are competing against each other rather than competing with staff.
  7. Between HoT and megabalance necro was competitive due to having a monopoly on boon corruption in an era defined by extreme boon uptime. ArenaNet in their infinite wisdom have since decided to halve boon uptime, eliminate concentration, and halve the amount of corruption necro has access to. As such necromancer's old claim to viability no longer exists and necro don't even run corruption builds anymore because there is no point. If necromancer is reduced to it's pre-megabalance level of relative survivability, then the class would simply cease being usable and would join warrior in the "Why would you even play this?" Who is using rune of speed on necro? The choice runes for necro right now are +10% HP runes because such runes are amazing on a class whose sustain scales almost linearly with HP pool.
  8. For our purposes the config isn't what you want to be looking at. You want to be looking at the Pseudo-Code which is the next section on the wiki page. The relevant function being the scoreRoster function at the bottom. def scoreRoster(roster, team, maxRosterSize, config): score = 0 # adjust score by time queued score += roster.age * config.age.seconds # adjust score by rating difference distance = abs(team.averageRating - roster.rating) score += distance * config.rating.distance # adjust score by games played difference distance = abs(team.averageGames - roster.games) score += distance * config.rating.distance # adjust score by rank difference distance = abs(team.averageRank - roster.rank) score += distance * config.rank.distance # adjust score by roster size difference distance = abs(maxRosterSize - len(roster)) score += distance * config.rosterSize.distance # adjust score by profession counts for profession in allProfessions: # roster has none of these professions if roster.count(profession) == 0: continue # too many of the same profession totalCount = roster.count(profession) + team.count(profession) if totalCount > config.professions.max: score += (totalCount - config.professions.max) * config.professions.common # otherwise favor the variety elif team.count(profession) == 0: score += config.professions.unique return score Unfortunately, even this doesn't tell us what we want to know because we need to know how roster.rank and roster.rating are implemented. No other information is given. There is the XPath section which has definitions for Scoring/Rating/@distance and Scoring/Rank/@distance. I have no experience with XPath and I don't know if it is referring to the same thing and the pseudo-code or not. If it is, then your position is correct. However I have a very distinct memory of ArenaNet patching the ranked matchmaker to only use the highest player in the group due to people exploiting the hell out of it. IIRC this was sometime in the early seasons.
  9. Ranked PvP uses the highest rated player's rating. It does not average. Unranked however does use an average.
  10. I'm convinced ArenaNet was so traumatized by the power creep disaster that HoT and PoF releases where that they are terrified of giving EoD specs anything without a dozen tradeoffs.
  11. Elixer heal is objectively better than consume unless the enemy team is heavy on condition damage. Elixer elite is also good. Elixer of Bliss is also decent, although I don't understand why Anet put the Resolution boon on a skill that dumps 5 conditions. What makes Harbinger totally unplayable however is that they put the charge skill on shroud 3 instead of shroud 2. Are they seriously really going to force me to unlearn 5 years of muscle memory?
  12. Just dodge the shockwave and use condi clear on the radiation burns and you'll be fine.
  13. I wonder what he'll do if he ever realizes that all cleave skills go through walls.
  14. Again , if thief didnt shutdown , other ''light'' character , you wouldnt see those bunker .And we would see a more rotating with each season meta . Just buff other specs to have such mobility , and those bunker with be out of job Haventbthey already buffed most classes so atleast one spec has good mobility?I guess necromancer doesn't count as a class anymore.
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