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Need advice for solo PvE Warrior.


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I haven't played as Warrior for around 2 years and if there are any pro-warriors around here, it would be nice if you could share some of your knowledge with me.

Some info:

  • I checked MetaBattle already and didn't really get anything out of it.
  • I have both expansions, but I didn't use the "Spellbreaker" spec for a long time, because it seems inferior to Berserker when it comes to damage and sustain. And using it feels kind of off. It feels as if that spec is made entierly for PvP content.
  • I'm a casual player and I play alone all the time. I usually just do Open World content like bounties in PoF and just solo all events I come across in general. Waiting for hours for another player to join or begging someone to help me kill something, just to find out that they actually know even less about the game than I am doesn't really make me happy, so I avoid that.
  • Right now I am running a Berserker with GS/Shield and Mace and my survivability is on the lower end.
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Im by any means a pro pve warrior, but i have around 3k hours on warrior (mostly pvp and wvw), but whenever i play solo open world pve i go to play a build like this


Berserker is mostly a condi spec nowadays, for a power spec core is alot better. If you want to opt for more dmg than feel feel free to swap out defense traitline for arms. I like defense in there for more sustain against harder mobs, which are often seen in pof or hot content.If you go for arms id take the first 2 traits in the middle and the grandmaster trait at the bottom

Mending over healing sig because if held on cd it heals more than healing sig AND it helps keeping peak performance active, also condi remove

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I play an unconventional Arms/Discipline/Spellbreaker, with a major emphasis on fury uptime and ferocity inflation. In the long run, ferocity scales better than power if you can max out crit chance. Fortunately, Warrior is the (only?) class that lets you easily max out crit chance and raise ferocity way up high--by using just regular weapons rotation and low-maintenance utilities.

This build looks something like this:http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vJAQRAnY4XjMdQfH22B2eAdIWgCM8TcM+Gf0ECA1OlnwNIDA-jRCBABV8QAA4ABcmSw80PovGGj2fALlfecGAqU9HA-e

One suggestion for improvement is to use Sigil of Force, if you can afford them.

Now for the strategy of this build.

Focus mainly on Ferocity and 100% Fury uptime. The Arms spec has minor trait that gives fury every time you burst, and Discipline spec has traits that reduce burst and weapon swap recharge times. Thus you get neverending fury just by repeating burst + weapon swap every 5 or 6 seconds. I have seen fury stacked to 45s. You don't need much precision from gear, because fury, banner of discipline, signet of fury together grant about +45% crit chance. So Berserker gear is fine; also I prefer Rune of Rage. Don't forget Signet Mastery in Arms spec for even more power and ferocity. So freely activate Signets of Healing and of Fury on cooldown (every 16s).

Spellbreaker synergizes perfectly with this strategy of inflating crit damage. Pure Strike further increases crit damage, and Sun and Moon Style returns health when you crit while dagger is in off-hand. Not to mention that Dagger auto-attack deals additional crit damage.

Spellbreaker is excellent for soloing, as it plays both offense and defense superbly. Obviously Full Counter whenever possible when facing groups of mobs, and when anticipating big attacks from bosses. Sustain is further assisted with multiple sources of health-over-time: Healing Signet; Sun and Moon Style in SB line; Inspiring Battle Standard in Discipline line. Where the third utility is an open slot (I feel Signet of Fury and Banner of Discipline are a must in this build), I love Stomp for its versatility and synergy (can grant multiple stacks of Insight for SB), but mainly to get out of trouble.

Drop (i.e. activate) Banner of Discipline and Battle Standard on the ground if you feel a fight will take a while or is difficult. Do pick up and move the banners if going through a gauntlet of enemies over considerable distance. Note that you can carry and keep a bundle while on a mount--that means pick up banner, mount, run to another location, dismount, drop same banner at new location. However, you can only pick up one banner at a time.

In short, just go out there and dole out huge amounts of crit damage and go crazy by mashing all the weapon skills, burst, and weapon swap nonstop. Your health is rarely in danger, nonetheless don't hold back from activating Healing Signet. Even if you don't need to regain health, activate it anyway to boost ferocity, thus more damage. In fact, you should activate both signets before a fight.

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