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Prediction of the rest of S4 and into S5


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this video by Woodenpotatoes will bring insight into this prediction.

Magic. Everyone wants to have more of it. Magic is an addiction. We have seen people with bloodstone magic go crazy. We see and have heard how the elder dragons seem to just crave it. Need it. Are consumed by it. And yet the gods were not necessarily so. Why? What did they do to keep their sanity?

And so I honestly think we'll kill the elder dragon Kralk by the end of season 4. And this is where the fun comes in.

We have seen Aurene grow from an egg and her growth seems to be tied to magic. The more she gets the bigger she gets. But that's not all. In the later episodes of season 4 we see her acting erratic. We know that Kralk is chasing her. She has consumed a lot of magic. From the death of Mordremoth, to the death of Balthazar and Palawa Joko and kralk craves that magic. And just as kralk wants to consume her magic seems like how she consumed Palawa Joko with no hesitation. We all seem concerned about her since she's acting strange and it is probably because she is getting magic crazed just as we've seen the white mantle act in Bloodstone Fen having taken in too much magic in such a short time.

I believe we will kill Kralk and Aurene will consume the majority of it. And she will lose her sanity in so doing. She will destroy things around her afterwards and I wouldn't be surprised if someone dies. My top contender will be Tiami who will sacrifice herself allowing her to go out her own way rather than die in a bed withering away (I am hoping this won't be true and that we will somehow find a way to cure her but it doesn't seem likely).

Season 5 will be us trying to bring Aurene down from her magic addled crazed mind. We will search to find out how the gods kept their sanity and bring Aurene back to her senses. I wonder how the gods did keep theirs. It'd be a lot of fun if we did go down this path. But either way can't wait for the next episode.

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