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  1. So, I've got the legendary heavy armor set and I would think that this would mean that any heavy class should be able to use said armor. Now, if you have a look that you like on your characters will those looks be replaced with whatever look you've made with your legendary armor set? Will our characters that use the legendary armor have a 2nd NEW slot for each piece of armor that works similar to the outfit, which, I think would be a good solution.
  2. Wow, this is something that I hope they do with previous incomplete gemstore armor piece sets. Fingers crossed.
  3. I mostly ask this question for when people will get their 3rd gen. precursor from doing the living story events starting May 25th. It would be just be nice to see them before deciding which one we may want to make.
  4. The tool tip reads that the upgrade extractor will remove ANY upgrade from ANY item. Yet when I tried to remove some sigils from my soulbound exotic (that could not be salvaged). It would not allow me to extract the sigils either. This seems to be the only exception and though I doubt it would ever be close to high on the list I really wanted to not waste an expensive sigil on an item I no longer needed and wanted to use it on an ascended item that I did. That's 12 gold I could use for other things, such as t6 mats for legendary equipment and the like, than buying another sigil of bursting.
  5. Make sure to get pumpkin oil and peppermint omnomberry bar or spicy pumpkin cookie for and extra 30% magic find each. If you want another 10% to that you can eat Omnomberry chocolate creams that are worth 40% magic find IF you have a boon of some kind on you. As a thief you can pretty much have perma swiftness but can also take superior sigil of luck to gain a 75% chance at a random boon on killing a mob. This is what I have on my staff while tagging mobs at doors. P.S. DO NOT FORGET TO BUY A CANDY CORN GOBBLER! This is a fantastic item that gives you Boosters (exp booster, speed booster, Mag
  6. Yeah, I still keep hoping they'll eventually give us one of these to enjoy old LA. It was gorgeous and unique. Would be even cooler if it could handle holding Shadow of the Mad King there as well. I know keep dreaming.
  7. Something similar to the "Hound skin Mantle" would be pretty epic to have.
  8. This is the only weapon that has not been represented in the gemstore or black lion chest. It would be neat to see one with a great sound effect. Maybe even an animation of some sort with the sound effect.
  9. How come you have to spend grandmaster marks in PvP for the Mistforged set but not in WvW? Is this an oversight?
  10. title says it all. 2 lorekeeper GS weps instead of the missing sword skin.
  11. Probably get new hairstyles when the next expansion comes out.
  12. In Shadow of the Ice did the trailer song play in it at all? I don't recall hearing it but maybe somehow I just missed it?
  13. Harsher punishments for rage quitters and afkers. 3 strikes and you're out of the season and possibly following season as well. Making it where even if your team is losing (or winning) if you can get 2 plus top stats (in ranked) you can get some extra points towards your rank points. This could also help with rage quitters and afkers some since at least they can have a goal to continue playing and keep somewhat of a better rank. This would be something to help the better players have reach a rank they are meant to be since it would be something earned by their own merits and not just due t
  14. Dude have you looked at charr cultural armor? Many of them have, as you say, skirts.
  15. I tend to look forward to the festival costumes they come up with and was sad that they didn't bring one out this year.
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