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Need Power Shatter Mirage Help


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http://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Mirage_-_Shatter_MirageI started using this build but am struggling when I WVW. Sometimes I just crush and other times just flounder since I don't exactly know the mechanics of a mirage.

Can someone give me a rotation and/or general play style?Right now I start with Greatsword #1 surge, Dodge GS#1 again (Spatial Surge) & make clone, Mirror Image ( to make clones), Jaunt for confusion, #2 mirror blade, F1 Shatter.

I use dodge to make a clone and get the new #1 skill anything else special about it?.

Also, I am floundering on heals. When I use false Oasis sometimes I get healed, sometimes not. Sometimes I see the mirror to walk into, sometimes not.I thought I read that shattering clones make the mirror heal too but I do not see that happening.

It looks like dodging to make illusions is important and then shattering them deals damage.

How is Jaunt used effectively?

What are good combos and I find I am on greatsword more than sword and torch. thoughts?Thank for any help. ^-^

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That build is unforgiving and requires a lot of practice to excel with - so don't be too hard on yourself, will just take time and a lot of eating dirt. Sure not as difficult as it used to be with power shatter before elite specs, but still requires effort to survive.

You've got to appreciate though that there is no rotation, only combos which are completely situational and flexible.

So overall what can be explained in text is just overall intention.

Firstly you need to personalise gear - sigils, runes etc. I myself wouldn't run anything other than double energy - even on GS, having that clutch weapon swap to evade can be a life saver. Then it's a matter of what you like - more cleanse, more damage, cc, poison etc. Only comes from dying repeatedly and thinking what you feel would have helped better in that situation.

Utility skills - Signet of Midnight is superior to Decoy, and I would advise not relying on gimmick mantra of distraction - though that is just my personal preference. If you enjoy it then go for it.Mirror Images is kind of useless right now compared with other utilities - would not recommend using.In any case it all depends how comfortable you are with surviving - whether you want more defensive build or more yolo offensive build.

Anyway the whole MO of any power shatter has always been building towards intense burst in windows of opportunity - using whatever skills available at the time. The main damage is F1, but this must be setup and supplemented with a number of other skills in combo - eg GS2, teleports, stealth etc. But being flexible - F2 is also a good supplemental damage in a pinch (though mostly you'll use for things like boonstrip or fake burst). Also aiming to maximise shatters with enough clones out. But because damage is so high at the moment, you don't even need full clone shatters to deal heavy damage - a simple GS2+F1 will deal massive damage if used at the right time.

But for example it may be situational - eg vs thief bursting you to defensively blurred frenzy into 3 clone F1 (assuming you had 3 out) to catch in the window where they are most vulnerable. While yes in general GS is your offensive weapon set and Sw/T is your defensive/kiting set, be prepared to mix it up where necessary.It is really a matter of feeling - sorry if that is vague but I can't describe it easily - feeling a combo building and synchronising towards a burst and then fading out to kite. It flows like that - burst -> fade/kite -> burst -> fade/kite, maybe with some occasional pressuring if appropriate.

In my opinion the biggest difficulty is learning when to use skills defensively and offensively - because a lot of the skills can be either. Eg when do you spend blink to engage, or when do you save it to kite. Same goes for Jaunt and a number of other things. And then always having some option to kite/gtfo so not burning all skills on offense to then get wrecked (but that's a matter of familiarity with cooldowns).

False Oasis should always work, haven't ever noticed it not working when I've used it.

Ambushes are just another skill - nothing special (unless you want to use sword ambush for interrupt) - don't worry so much about creating clones, but do try to synchronise their creation into building for a shatter burst.

Do watch Jazz's vidoes: https://www.youtube.com/user/NANA2satisfaction/videosWould also recommend Diverse https://www.youtube.com/user/DiiVerSeToNiK/videos . Sure not much mirage, more older videos but it is good content.

Sorry if that's not as comprehensive as it could be - I'm sure someone else will fill in the multiple gaps, but I hope that at least helps a little. :)

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If you never played mesmer and mirage before you should start with condi mirage, full dire stats (they should be available in exotic).This way you will have tons of vitaly and toughness to survive longer and to know mirage mechanics.

This is how i started too, playing full zerk mirage, I was constantly dead and frustated, I couldn't even kill a noob footman warrior and i was dying to axes throwed then i switched to a full trailblazer condi mirage... i learnt all the mechanics and I arrived at some point I realised how stupid and easy mode and brainless that build is, i switched back to full zerk power and I was significantly better, and i started even winning some casual 1vs2.

Maybe it will work for you as well.

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Additional note as of today - Superior Rune of Fireworks looks amazing for power mirage in wvw.

25 Power5% Boon Duration50 Power10% Boon Duration100 Power25% movement speed, gain 6 stacks of might and fury/vigour for 6 seconds when in combat (20s icd).

Absolutely tailor-made for power mirage.

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