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Melee Attacking with action camera issue.


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The is an issue that affect melee attacks while using the Action Camera while moving.

Instead of the attack being executed perpendicular to the model and parallel to the ground (|-) it is instead executed in a very steep downwards angle(|\ ), which causes it too miss when it should not. This happens when attacking with a steep camera angle and moving.

Can we please have this fixed so attacks are perpendicular to the character model regardless of camera angle?

This greatly impacts melee performance in pvp and other areas with hectic movement.

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@"Skotlex.7580" said:Probably intended for ranged weapons (ie: sniping from upper ground). Wonder if it'd be easy for ANet to fix. Does the issue persists when you have a target selected with right click?

Yes, it does persist.

Im a programmer, if the code is remotely reasonable, this is not a big deal to fix, when triggering the skill instead of checking for the camera angle or targeted location (which is what appears to be doing) you substitute it for a fix value or "hard code it" as it is known in the programming slang.While not perfect, this is an easy fix.

The main impact, is that this cuts something upwards of a 1/3 of the melee range, which is a lot.

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