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Looking for a Guild


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Hi, Vintage returning player that is looking for a guild that has very active discord, because I only have 2 cats atm and if I don't find people to enjoy socializing with while I play then I'm likely going to get a lot more, so to prevent me from being a stereotype (crazy cat lady), then please help me out and let me know about your guild.....what I'm looking for, because I'm returning after being away for several years I will need to be talked through my gear ..what to keep, what to destroy, what to aim for. I used to love the pvp battles (not WVW) as much because it just became zerg vs zerg and I prefer smaller group fights. Although I really enjoyed it, doesn't mean I'm any good at pvp...but I listen, and work had at improving. I am on Dragonbrand not sure how important that is. I don't have the newest content...wanted to see first if I could really get back to enjoying GW2 before I use the $50.00 on the game, and not on adopting another cat ;)

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