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Refreshing, or downloading new updates while in GW2 launcher

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This isn't a big issue, more in line of QoL, but is there a way to make new updates to the game auto-update when in the game launcher?I downloaded today's patch earlier, but left the launcher up so I could start the game later. However going into the game I saw a new build was available so I had to restart.It would be nice to know about these updates in the launcher, instead of starting the game and restarting, or checking the forums to see if there was a new patch (which isn't the best option since sometimes the notes come in late, or other various reasons).

I can see why auto-updating would not be welcomed by many players, but perhaps a notification (if there is one, I have missed it) to a new patch while in the launcher?Again, not a pressing issue, just something the devs could hopefully look at in the future.

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