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Eater of Souls Mechanics -- Buggy?


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I'm really wondering if the Eater of Souls is currently buggy, since it doesn't work the way it is supposed to.

For example, he has two break bars. Which one am I supposed to break? The first or the second?

Sometimes, I unload all my CC and break him, and the breaking heals him.

Other times, I don't touch him and he doesn't heal.

Oh, and I disbelieve that it is possible to stay away from him, and he doesn't seem to get caught.

Can someone please explain the two break bars? And why he heals when I break his second bar? Is it because I run in to break him and enter the circle?

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This is absurd. I beat it, but in a completely ridiculous way.

1) The fight is easier when you're not naked, so I had to replay the entire episode again in order to repair. I couldn't even use a repair kit, since my inventory was not available -- big red letters "your inventory is not available".

2) As a necro, your downed skill 1 does significant damage, outpaces the damage the eater of souls does to you, and prevents him from healing. Really, the winning strategy is to go down and hit downed skill 1 a lot. The hard part is keeping him from healing while you're not downed. You can focus on breaking him on either of the two break opportunities and not worry about going down.

It's just ridiculous that the winning strategy was to spend as much time downed as possible.

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