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WvW Map Design Series Eternal Battlegrounds


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Yoyoyoyoyo my Chias! Here is the FOURTH map critique for this mini series, featuring Eternal Battlegrounds. Had some time to discuss the 4th dimension, also sorry I have been slow, but I got sick. So you might notice some different voices. D:

Some snippets from the video! (Can't show everything in this post alone, QQ)

1. In Regards to Immersion.Color wasn't working at all for me...I can say the shapes are designating the type of objectives for the most part. Of course, the lines doing their duty for guidance

2. Those Map Mechanics.Adequate, although, you can argue SMC is just another keep. I detest the additions of future mechanics that forced changes to the original map design (gliding removed the ruin tower JP by QL). Defensive guild upgrade mechanics probably contributed to map stagnation. Coverage bypasses this, of course, by being able to blob down all the empty stuff.

3. Sightlines!!!Super visibility...to a fault. YOU CAN SEE A LOT. Makes the map feel small and flat. In particular, the Green Keep is able to even siege all of their towers via trebs...which can influence turtling up. Blue side is the most balanced in this regard, and more similar to Alpines if anything.

Conclusion/Wrap Up video should be coming up. I may do a separate Q/A video if there are enough requests on the next video. No doubt I missed things!

Have any suggestions? Feel free to leave a comment. Or just troll me, that works too I guess. (This will be posted on both the new forums and WvW Reddit)

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