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E-Spec- Warlord


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(I been waiting to post this till I came up with the trait system, but... I bad with creating traits. )

Introducing the Warlord, a field commander that summons soldiers to aid in combat.Prof. Mech.: “Field Command” - press F2 create a ground target, and all allies in radius would get quickness, toughness, and fury.Weapon: Staff- melee weapon used like a Halberd or Pike.Skill 1: Staff Swipe, Thrust, Back SpinSkill 2: Double UpswingSkill 3: Leap and SmashSkill 4: Parry and SweepSkill 5: Javelin ThrowSkills: RecruitsHealing SkillField Medics: Summon field medics that run out to the battle field, healing allies in the targeted area and self.Utility SkillsFiring Squad: Summon riflemen that shoot at enemies.Shield Wall: Summon several guardsmen to block, pushback, and hold the linePikemen: Summon several staff welding soldiers to cripple and bleed foes.Swordsmen: Summon several men to attack enemies in a targeted area.EliteSummon Brute: Summon a Brute to rush into battle and attack nearby foes.

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