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Helcoid Seeps Tormented Remnants


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I cannot find the last one in the Helcoid Seeps (got all the Poison ones). This is an achieve to hoover up little purple dust devils with your jackal in ne Desolation. While no one can tell me "oh you missed that one," perhaps one of you knows where to find one of the white-border maps showing just where the edges of the Seeps are so I can confine my search? Or knows of one only reached via sand portal, which I just mastered? There does not yet seem to be any sort of guide to where they are. The one I am missing is Helcoid Seeps Remnant 3.

Thanks for any suggestions or knowledge.

edit: And of course soon as I post I randomly stumble on it in the ooze cave! Make sure to run through there when searching, y'all.

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