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PvE quickness burning build?


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I really don't want to do math rn, but youre probably going to use scepter/torch with sigil of concentration in weapon set 1, torch in weapon set 2 (to enable swapping without using diff weapons)

This is kinda where you could start if someone doesnt already have this. theres a lot of min maxing this is just basics


I don't think you need all this boon dura so theres some minmaxing with food you can do.

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Slightly better version of dino's link.

100% burn duration, 100% quickness uptime. The key is to use all charges on Potence and Flame because you get more value despite the full recharge. You can use the recharge on Solace to time your weapon swaps, making sure you swap right before Solace. It helps sync up the rest of your quickness application. Also be mindful of the GM minor granting 250 Toughness to you while under quickness, but tanks should be building for 401+ anyway so it shouldn't be an issue.

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