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EMPTY Inquest chests, Sandswept Isles

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A friendly reminder from the.. hmm hmm from a player. I want to attract the attention on a problem that is unsolved since the release of Sandswept Isles.Some threads can surely be found already speaking about that issue.


CONTEXT:Those chests can be opened only when a player finish the event [stop the flow of Inquest data to thwart their operation] after killing "Champion Inquest Data Security Officier".It gave you a buff deactivating those golems, unlocking the chest. The event occurs in three different location lab alpha 11-12-13 if I remember well, unlocking one of the 3 chests.

ISSUE:That has been there since THE LAUNCH OF THE MAP: After earning the buff, you can go at the location using the inquest portal that spawned, then you can open the chest with your "plug" buff, unlocking the chest: see screenshot. BUT THE CHEST HAS NOTHING IN IT! No loot, nada, nothing!

SOLUTION:Add loot to those chests, plus, make the data security officier veteran, each time I came here, players trolls letting the champion alive without killing it.

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