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Increase Phalanx Strength-trait's target count to 10


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Long gone are the days of yore when warriors were in charge of mightbotting. Warrior got initially off from that job when druid's GotL was changed to provide 10-target might but some people still have mightbot gears lurking in their banks. Currently one problem with some heal builds is that they don't provide enough might themselves.

So, increasing Phalanx Strength's target count to 10 would allow even further flexible squad comps if warrior sacrificed discipline or elite spec, food and some dps from gears for tactics and might duration to provide might for the whole squad. Most of warrior's might sources require critting on an enemy with ICD so PS warrior would still have a ramp-up time when providing that might and PS also provides rather short might so it'll start dropping as soon as warrior stops critting the enemy and thus it still wouldn't be OP either. It wouldn't affect PVP (well, it might give some might for pets, illusions and minions but that wouldn't be gamebreaking, would it?) and in WvW it'd have very minor effect due to PS's might's short duration making it really difficult to stack in actual zerg situations.It'd also improve the viability of the spec a LOT (from it's currently semi-obsolation after EA nerf) while also allowing some non-10-target-mightbot-healer comps in PVE (for ex. comps with staff tempest, scrapper/engi, lingering light druid, non-Empowering Might guardian, renegade, scourge or chrono) or filling in the gaps possibly left by 1 not-that-good 10-man-mightbot (currently GotL druid, x+wh tempest or herald). Latter is often a painfully usual case with the the prevalent choice of most pug groups, your friendly neighbourhood 13-in-a-dozen druid. And due to this case, Kitty kinda would like to be able to sneak in some extra might when bringing banners.

Making PS 10-man wouldn't be stronger than most other options either as power herald has similar thing going on with Shared Empowerment, deadeye with Fire for Effect and guardian...well, Empowering Might also could use some boost to 10-man since currently most peoples don't even think about using it due to 5-target-limit while competing with Pure of Heart's heals.

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