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Viable class for playing solo

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Hello there ;)I came back to GW2 after year of break and I'm searching for viable class for playing solo. I was playing Thief, Ranger and Warrior.I'm still newbie and don't know about game very much.I don't know nothing about balanse of classes now.I wanna play solo pvp and roaming in WvW.Which class would you reccomend to me?I hope you understand everything (because of my english), if you have question to me too, I'll reply fast.

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If you're still a beginner and you want to play PvP and WvW right away, then start by playing warrior. It's not only one of the three beginner friendly professions, but it's viable in every game mode. It's got a solid amount of resistance, damage immunity, stability and damage.

Warrior has builds for each game mode, you can either make one for yourself or look up raiding builds on Snowcrows or multiple builds for each game mode on Metabattle.

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