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Protect the newly hatched beetle larvae still bugged

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  • 2 weeks later...

Some further info now that I finally lucked out and got through the event. I had to wait for the map to reset at the end of the chak garent encounter. I noticed that the moment of reset the event could start up in one of two states. The first has you escorting Grub Master Jephtl with the objective "Accompany Grub Master Jephtl." This is an unbuged state. Jephtl will run down to the grub pits along with another nuhoch from the village and the event can progress. The other state it can spawn in is directly to the "Larvae Population" state. Jephtl will spawn down in the grub pits with the progress bar already visable along with several grubs missing the shield icon. The bonus guard is also missing (he's still up in the village). This is a buged state and it seems no amount of progress or trying to force the bar to 0 will get you past about 80% completion.

Incidentally it seems that unbuged maps are cursed to be the one that gets closed after garent fight. I sat through 8 resets trying to get this achievement done. 3 times I got unbuged meta's, all 3 got selected to close and the first two I failed to complete it solo in the time limit, third time I managed to taxi a few people in through LFG.

Hopefuly this is enough info to track down and squash the bug. Alternitively could I recommend a failsafe state. Have a 20 min timer to compleat the event before it fails and forces Jephtl to respawn from the start and try agian. that would at least give the option to wait out a buged start without haveing to wait a full day/night cycle.

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