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[Suggestion] Choosing daily quests

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Choices for daily quests.

There could be an NPC that allows you to choose the category of daily quests for characters

So, if I did 1000 daily quests of a category or region (this might require a new daily quest structure for achievements) then I unlock the choice at the NPC to prefer those daily quests or not, so if I wanted to prefer normal daily quests then I have a selection of normal daily quests (like gathering/exploration based quests, dungeon quests, region based daily quests etc) and I complete 1000 of them (which means that they will have to be grouped so it doesn't take 1000 days) then I can choose to prefer those.

If I completed 1000 daily quests for map specific quests then I could choose to prefer those generating for my daily quests over other quests that I don't want to do

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