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Renegade's elite skill [Soulcleave's Summit] is missing the fire combo field stated on the tooltip.

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The Revenant's Renegade elite skill [soulcleave's Summit] claims in its tooltip to be a continuous fire field while the skill is active, this is in fact false.

While the animation of a fire combo field appears in the circle, no such field is actually active. This has been confirmed by myself and many others to be true through the testing of various different combo abilities while inside the "fire field" and having nothing happen and no combos trigger. This is easily replicable.

While I am not sure how long this has been bugged like this I know that the ability has had the "Fire Field" as part of its tooltip since it was added to the game.

It would be nice to see either the tooltip corrected and a reason given as to why the combo field was removed OR the fire field returned to being "active" as the combo field is a large part of what makes this ability an "elite".

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