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New player with a question about dailies

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Hi, I was wondering about the list of daily things to do. Not sure how to word the question, but I'm wondering about, for instance, when it says View a Vista in such-and-such area. Do those take into account whether you've already completed a particular map? So for instance if I'm thinking about going and completing the starter maps for other races, and doing all the vistas, will I then be unable to go do a vista for the daily in that area?

Not that I'm hung up on doing dailies. :) Mostly just curious how that works.

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Vistas are repeatable. :) You only need to view each one once for map completion but you can view them as many times as you like. So when it comes up as a daily you can either choose one you've done before, or choose one you need for map completion and do that. (When I have time I like to choose one I remember looking really cool, or one I can't remember at all to see what it shows me. When I don't have time I choose the one that's easiest to get to.)

It's the same with everything in the dailies - it's always something that can be repeated as many times as you like. Some may have preliminary requirements - for example to complete Big Spender you need to have earned some Badges of Honour from World vs World. But it won't give you dailies which require paid content you haven't unlocked or anything you've already completed and can't repeat.

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