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Tangled Depths just crashed and rolled back

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happened about 5-7 minutes prior to this message. then a network error on any character i tried to log in as. upon logging back in, entire meta reward was rolled back. sure glad i didnt get a chak egg sac this time, i'd have been livid that it was stolen from me.

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This happened to me yesterday as well after the Tangled Depths meta while we were waiting for the wall to be smashed. My game showed a network error then upon relogging the game I was sent to Lion's arch and all the loot from the meta including the heroes chest was gone. Even just now I was waiting in Verdant Brink for the meta to start there and the same thing happened, I got the network error then when I relogged I was sent to Lion's arch. This time I didn't even get to do the meta, it just happened while I was waiting there, so no loot lost this time but there is definitely something not right on HoT maps.

Update: HoT Meta's appear to be working normal for me again. Not sure if this helped, but here's what I did...

  • Cleared gw2cache folder found in AppData>Local>Temp
  • Cleared files from the AppData>Roaming>Guild Wars 2 Folder
  • Deleted the Gw2-64.tmp file from the Program Files>Guild Wars_2 Folder
  • Ran repair on the GW2 Data archive
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