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Story & Disconnections

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Can you please fix this nonsense that makes you start outside the story instance if you disconnect, im getting tired of being stuck , ive must have repeated the same dam quest several times over and over , something needs to change , you should not have to loose your progress each time your dc its 2019 for heavens sake !

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It's an old problem and was never fixed in years, during my story Zhaitan was dying and .. crash .. I had to do the whole final episode again ;_;Another funny moment is when You fight the NPC in istance border and You are kicked out the story! happinessSeems the one who schedule devs priority do not understand that this kind of bugs keep new players away from the game, they instead still waste time and efforts on mounts zone disabler (mainly near Jumping puzzles) so when you are riding your griffon you immediately die splatted on ground just because you were too near a Jp that You don't care at all :D praise devs or maybe you take your mount to escape a mob horde and zack you loose your mount because another JP is near, and you die slapped by mobs blessing devs again :D.I hope that one day someone will understand the meaning of the word "engaging" and maybe the word "Quality of game design" :)

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@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:You can read about the several workarounds in the 'official' Dev-posted thread. (Search - 'Storyline Disconnections'.)

Good luck.

I have checked all the dev posts in that thread (I have a simular issue on my laptop), but I could not find a workaround from a dev. The dev response is just that he is tracking this issue. (and who knows, maybe, he was among the people who left, and this issue is no longer tracked). Am I missing something?

I have an excellent work around (A computer, my laptop is not fitting for the minimal requirements anyways. my PC is, and I never had any issues there), but it also happens on systems that are supported.

Just my two cents on the whole issue is that a dependence on a video being able to play to continue an instance is design that could do better. I would suggest to create a placeholder screen. Something saying: video couldnt be loaded. Waiting for important business to be finished on the background, please stand by.

This screen can be shown hen the video has loading issues. It also allows to add a skip button that shows this placeholder instead of the actual video.

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