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  1. nope. You can however use an infusion extraction device to extract it and reuse it e.g. on a different character. Just so it doesnt go completely to waste.
  2. yeah nerf the flavour of the month!! how dare they not let mewin when I smash my head against the keyboard!!! (less salty reaction: Balance is a goal that in its essence is unreachable. I still do not understand why people always want something done with the opposing team when they are the one who performed badly. Balancing things that are OP is important, but it should not be the thing you should focus on. focus on getting better!)
  3. A few remarks Jade sea in GW2 has a major spoiler. I find it a bit unfair to judge this as a break of lore before the actual story is released. The most important reason for the difference between Echovald and the jade sea would be what happened to it and what it originally was. The forest was a forest untill it petrified. Allready during GW1 we saw some return of plantlife. It is likely that it returned to a forest over this amount of time. Just look at how Tjernobile changed in recent years and how it will look over 200 years if we leave it alone. The nature of the landscape is ideal
  4. The only thing NFT stands for in my abbreviation list is Not Fit for Tyria! As a side note: It is very easy to call people who are critical, stupid or uninformed. But as mentioned. Being a crazy fanboy of crypto currency, you should also know that the opposite can be true as well. Crypto currency as a concept is very interesting and the technology is very interesting, however the negative side effects show also it's darkness. when someone is over-enthousiastic about it, it shows they are ill-informed when the downsides of the technology are very much visable.
  5. I do not think there will ever be a Guild Wars 3 The simple reason is that Tyria as we know it is done. All it will be is: Player 1: I want the game to go to Ascalon Player 2: I want the game to go to the Crystal Desert Players 3: I want the game to go to Shing Jae Player 4: I want the game to go to Shing Jae, but like it was in GW1 cause I disliked Shing Jae in GW2 etc. etc. We are allready walking in an update copy of GW1. How many versions of Tyria do you want? The only way to make clear that Tyria is done is when they create a different world and start a new story all
  6. I've quoted two parts of your post that are most relevant in my opinion. In short: you are judging a system based on a story a friend told you? Every story told has a sender and a medium. Both are telling one side of this story. There is also the side of the person who has been harassing your friend and off course, Arenanet's side of the story. first off all, I symphatise to your friend for having a bad experience and I symphatise with you on losing a friend. I'm a great fan of Harry Potter and my favourite quote is "Off course it is happening inside your mind, but how on earth does i
  7. Everything is possible. But I think it is important to make a difference between the margonites in GW1 and the original margonites. The ones in GW1 where all demons enslaved by abadon. Although they still exist, I doubt they will return as their story has been told and is over. A different aspect are the original margonites. We know very little about them. afaik it is unknown if some of them survived or if there are any traces of them in the world. It would be nice to have that part of lore further explored, but I still do not think it will happen in EoD or in a LS directly afterwards
  8. I understand the frustration, but there is also such thing as privacy. Let's use the hacked account example. You report illegal activities. Anet sees it is a hacked account and might even alert the original owner that his security is breached. The original owner takes steps to improve his personal online security and regains control over his account. All you see is that this account is still active. But do you think it is ok for them to tell the reporter what happened? Or give any information beyond: "Thanks,. we'll look into it" (which is what they are allready saying). Another thing no
  9. There is no such thing that makes one luyckier then others unless it is the statistical luck anyone can have. On a rare occasion I also met people who seems to be extremely lucky. They also had very simular behavioral profiles Obviously, some people can be extremely lucky. Statistics even demand this. But it also happens that people are not always honest about their wealth and luck. I never questioned them and if needed I congratulated them when they where once more "lucky". For the rest I kept up the respect and ignored it.
  10. To me there are three reasons to take a port and one to reduce tipping. 1: I really can't do the puzzle ever: 5g 2: It is a really annoying puzzle. I managed it in the past, but it is a daily: 2,5g 3: I can easily do this, but a port is present and it is convinient: 50s When the port is given by mesmer whom I doubt he/she did it herself (e.g. when the port is done by a mesmer being member of a certain guild in EU), the tip is reduced by 50%
  11. the heart of the priory is a very easy one. Very close to the waypoint.
  12. I think they do enough, but the issue is hard to resolve. You say you see multiple accounts doing it. But how are you sure it is the same account over and over and still used for botting? The way botting accounts work is that they are part of a bigger issue called goldselling. The organisations behind them operate on many accounts and it is calculated that many of them are also removed over time. Some examples: 1: They obtain accounts using hacked accounts. These are existing accounts, but hacked by botters and then used to bot. 2: They create new accounts using stolen credit card
  13. I've always been a big fan of Babylon five. It took me three years to climb from underneath my rock and find out that one of my favourite actors from that show voiced my main toon in GW2
  14. "progress for the sake of progress should be discouraged." I know who said this, but it is true. You should not desire progress when there is no need to have such progress. There can be a ton of opinions why you think arenanet could do better, but they are irrellevant if the other stakeholders are happy. There are as usual three stakeholders involved. 1: the owners/investors. They want to make enough profit> 2: the customers. They want to play a fun game 3: the employees. They want to have a job that gives sattisfaction Each of us has small part in being a single customer (a
  15. I think you mean joining a different shard of an open world map. There is an option to change shards. You need to be in a party or squad with someone in the shard you want to join and then you can right-click his name and choose "join in". The main issue people have is that this often does not work as they want to do it with popular shards. I think two things should be explained better here. First is how the dynamics of shards work. Shards are created and abanded on demand. So if a map gains popularity, there is a new shard created. When popularity drops, some shards are drained a
  16. You asked support and got an answer. What you can do is ask more about the reason for declining the request. To elaborate a bit more. You had the pleasure of using the extra salvage kits for some time before they got useless to you. (just the fact that you didn't play during part of that time is of no consequence. You could play and decided not to do so). So if you had this pleasure for over a year I would say a refund should be out of order. If you only had this pleasure for a few months, it would be a different matter. Another factor is that a good amount of time has passed a
  17. I have to disagree it is sheer luck. But then again, it also relies on the quality of the video settings. You can adjust mid air enough to avoid obstacles. However, how much time you have to do this also has to do with the video settings and what the card can handle. So I do think action is needed here. But please do not diminish the effort people took, so create a split in the achievement (tiers), where the not so secret dive is in an advanced tier (that is also hidden till you do all the other ones). The reward for the first tier stays as it is, but there is an additional reward for the a
  18. make sure to play fear not this night when she goes to bed. (But please please make sure you do the Asja version and not the Maclaine Diemer version!!).
  19. to elaborate more on this. post. Ranger's bear bow builds are known to have an issue at the more difficult content. This cause the tactics (staying ranged and letting your pet tank for you) does no longer work. The main issue is that you have a much steeper learning curve to develop different tactics more vaiable. If you have a free characterslot I would recommend to roll a different ranger and try the other weapons (e.g. the greatsword). This way you also are more early forced in learning things like dodging and moving around while dealing dps. Most damage mitigation is done when you move.
  20. I doubt that it is "accepted" by the arenanet staff. I would like to see a link. In general, Arenanet staff operate on behalf of arenanet. So it is the same thing, unless stated that their comment is not made as an official stance from the company. afaik, they always had the stance that they will never approve a third party app. The simple reason is that such apps can be changed out of their control by updates which can cause a lot of confusion. What if they add a handy teleport option to the radial menu, to convinient teleport anywhere in the game. A harmless app suddenly turns into an un
  21. To me, there has been some poor design choices in the past, but I do not see any easy way to rectify them. A legendary should be a reward that is not easy to get. Further: if a certain difficulty has been chosen for a specific reward, it should be untouched. Any changes after wards diminishes the reward. What I would have liked to see is when the more difficult 2.0. leggies, would have perks and bonuses that truly make them better then 1.0 leggies. You can argue they look better and argue the look less, so thats not a perk or bonus. Such a situation would have justified having diffe
  22. I agree it depends on why you left. We (mostly active players lurking the forum) find the game attractive. I have taken some smaller puzes in playing, but never too big of a gap. It really depends on the reasons you left.
  23. I understand your frustration (assuming it is true). However, I would suggest handling this in a different way. What you are experiencing seems to me some folks exploiting (using an unintended feature or bug in the game to gain an unfair advantage) and I would suggest handling it as such. How to report this as an exploit? 1: open a support ticket (go to the main website, click login in the top right corner if needed, click on support and choose the option to open a ticket. 2: add as much relevant info to the ticket, inlcuding the date/time the meta started, the time it ended (also ad
  24. I doubt that HoT is more popular because of the difficulty. More like the gold/minute ratio. It is much more rewarding and the amount of reward does not scale with the difficulty. This means the amount of rewards you get is way much higher. This was also clearly visible in the early days of Palawadan. It drained HoT into PoF to something that gave gold a lot easier. Having said that, most people in HoT play in massive blobs that also diminished the difficulty. I have two thoughts on this matter. 1: Not everyone likes the same difficulty. It should be a personal preference. An hard
  25. As you can read a lot of people are against it and it often results in a lot of hate reactions when you do this. There is nothing wrong with AFK-farming if you follow a few basic rules 1: Only use features offered by the game itself. So use minions or engineer turrets. 2: Do not use any form of automation that is not part of the game (so no macro's. One key-press or mouseclick should always result in one action in the game). 3: Always be present at the keyboard. If an admin pm's you (always recognisable by the gold text: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/f/f5/GM_gold_whisper.jpg )
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