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Recording my trading history


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i've been looking into ways i can keep a record of my transaction history in table format (excel) so that i can see individual profits and calculate accumulative profit automatically - i've seen people talking about excels they've made, but all of these require inputting the information for each trade, not something you want to do when you have hundreds each day! GW2BLTC also offers a similar feature - 'flipping history', but i've found it quite problematic as it does not record that far back making it difficult to track total accumulative profit

any advice on this would be great

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@"jin.5048" - I haven't played with the API yet but I'll try to help. The wiki at https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/API:2/commerce/transactions states that the transaction history is only 90 days.

So you will have to maintain the full history on your computer or server by having a script query the API periodically and add to your stored data - suggesting a database here if you have hundreds of transactions a day. And backups. Not sure Excel can handle that big data, but I may be wrong.

Next, generating meaningful reports is a matter of fetching from the stored data and doing the math on it. How precisely you do it depends on which programming language or reporting system you use.

I hope this helps!

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