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  1. Open World PvE is too peaceful. What if the maps spawned loot-less overpowered abominations every time someone stays put for too long? (And yes, I am joking. But it would be funny.)
  2. @alcopaul.2156 That's right, monitor colors can be adjusted for particular wavelengths, and some more complex transformations. The big question is: Should the whole game screen be adjusted this way, or just the special elements where colors encode for a specific meaning and can create ambiguity? @nyah.7586 Welcome back, and thank you for having started this whole discussion! The app has no enlarged compass yet (let alone a DirectX overlay) and it will take a while to make, as I'm the only one writing the code for the moment, but I will send you by PM the current version t
  3. @Rogue.8235 Thank you for the excellent feedback! I sent you a modified version that uses the direction of the camera instead. Pings are not suppressed while moving though; would it be be better to suppress them? (until we have everything configurable by the user). It's great that JAWS can read the text. Later, all the info will be in UI controls that are hopefully accessible without using any OCR. The primary character coordinates in Mumble should be map coordinates, not world coordinates. I tested changing map and there was no continuity; the (0,0) point seems to be at the cen
  4. Update: We had a private message exchange early this week with a software developer who specialized in accessibility, and I'm reorganizing the source code files to make the project more manageable. I switched from sound files to more responsive short beeps, one length/frequency combination per cardinal point, suppressed while in combat. I am late making a screenreader-ready configuration UI with saving (that's most of the work, because the tracking and signaling mechanism itself is very simple) but I can send the app and source code to anyone willing to test this new ve
  5. If you haven't yet, you can study some of the Old Canthan language meanwhile. The new one seems to follow the same design, with the exception of the newest katakana-like characters. Here is a bit of analysis I did at the time:
  6. Thank you Rogue! The sample ping was a tricky choice, I didn't know how to make it so it can be heard in the middle of all the sound effects of the game. There definitely are better, softer sounds on repositories with a monthly subscription. I would also like to synthesize the wave forms on the fly but that's a lot more programming. It will also allow to control the volume. The Mumble data provides the character's position/orientation separately from the camera's position/orientation, I went with the character only, thinking it was the most relevant information. However, when spinnin
  7. PS: Not sure if the forum is screenreader-friendly enough to tell you that I sent you a private message yesterday night with a link to the app. There is another bit of info in the Mumble data that tells when one is in combat. Would a ping help knowing when you are exiting combat state? It's not always obvious.
  8. @Rogue.8235 - Thank you for all the ideas! I'm trying a simple mechanism to prevent the ping from triggering too often, just by establishing an angle sentry around the cardinal points. I tested pinging south as well, and it could indeed be different sounds for all four directions. Best would be to synthesize the sounds on the fly. That's a bit more complex to code, and it would not be in the initial stage. I just found a group of blind players willing to test as well - the app could work with any game that supports Mumble. Here is the link to the discussion: https://www.reddit.c
  9. Dear ArenaNet, This has been discussed in the General forum recently: It would be nice if the game output the in-game text (item tooltips, chat lines...) in a shared memory block similar to the Mumble link, for low-vision and blind players to have access to these. I am currently making an app that reads the Mumble link and pings when the character faces North - one blind player is interested. And I would like to augment this app with in-game text (speech synthesis, braille display or enlarged overlay). The shared memory could work like a ring buffer, with each item containing a
  10. @Rogue.8235 - Let me know about the offer to beta test in my 10/6 message above. I'm refining the system little by little; getting there.
  11. Imgur image embedding doesn't work anymore since the new Invision forum took over some months ago. One of the casualties of the operation. I think the 2018 OP refers to the even older forums before Vanilla (but I wasn't here at the time).
  12. Hi Rogue, let's try to complete this part first then! I made the app go ping when passing North, and I moved around to test. When running due North with some zigzagging, it's pinging all the time, which is obnoxious. Even when it plays voice audio it will be obnoxious too, I guess. This needs some tweaking. The app could remember not just the last direction, but a longer history of the directions, and suppress the signal when staying within a certain angle from North. Or it could decide based on the time since the signal was played last time. Or both. Or some other trick? It is going to t
  13. I just made a small app that reads the Mumble link and gets the direction the character is facing. What different outputs should it produce, for instance displaying a large "horizontal band" compass for players with low vision, or playing voice tracks or sound effects when crossing a cardinal direction, or triggering a feedback device (the belt that was discussed for instance). For the band compass to display within the game, I don't think that GW2 offers any addon mechanism, so it would be some complicated transparent DirectX layer that tracks the game window's position and size and disp
  14. Thanks. Now I'm wondering if one can make a 99% DPS build - not that I'd want to use that except if I had two dozen loadouts for each and every situation (and I could switch in combat) (which subtly ties it back to the OP's question after I derailed the discussion).
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