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(NA, PvX, casual+) LFG on Mag or CD with some form of Sun theming


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Specifying a significant interest in some sort theming around the Sun feels like a slightly unusual criterion, but hey the Sun is pretty cool yo, so I wonder if there's any guild out there that has a sort of tenet centered around it (I'm not sure what would be out there, so I'll leave that interpretation up to you - Keepers of the Sun as a guild name comes to mind, just as an example) - that's also looking for members! I'm also sort of designing a character around a somewhat 'Sun theme' as well, so it would fit nicely regardless :)

I specify Maguuma or CD since I'm on Mag currently but contemplating a transfer to CD soon maybe, however, I'm open to transferring to probably wherever if there's a good fit.

A little about myself:

  • Been playing on and off since pre-release.
  • Recently got back into the game after a couple year hiatus.
  • Getting back into the swing of things PvE-wise, catching up on content, however I'm down for WvW and probably PvP (used to be quite into PvP back in the day, but I'm not quite feelin' it again quite yet).
  • I have an overall very laid back, feel good, whimsical vibe about me.
  • Big fan of the Sun lmao

Overall, I guess I'm looking for a guild that focuses on good times, encouraging making new friends and connections, hanging out, but also participating in variety of activities ranging across much of the content that GW2 has to offer whether if PvX, WvW, Raids, Fractals, or whatever.

Feel free to reach out!

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@grouchybhaal.4275 said:Depending on your timezone, [boB] maybe able to help... Us being majority aussie, and aussies love the sun :wink:We have a large number of aussies on maguuma and have a hand in every pie gw2 has to offer.All our our events are based around 8pm AEST/gmt+10

That sounds pretty rad, every aussie I know is an awesome person! However, it sounds like I'll be just about waking up to go to work once events begin for you all which is pretty unfortunate D:

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