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Living World Season 2 Auto Start

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Hi everyone,I like to create a lot of character, have like 16 slot already. I have finished all the stories up until living world season 5.When i create a new charter the story mission auto starts, no problem with that finishing the personal story is not that tedious and also rewarding. Also i finished the level 80 story, as i thought it would remove the green marker. But after you get season 1 (Scarlet's war) recap season 2 starts automatically and the green marker and pointer just stays in the UI. I tested and finished that boring very low rewarded living world season 2 again just for testing purpose and saw that heart of thorns does not auto start you need to manually start it. And as far as i remember later on every living season episode had to be manually started.

Here is my request, and i believe a lot of you can agree with me.By reading "disabling story" related post I found that its not possible to stop the personal story at all. However if A- net adds the option to turn on living world season 2 like hot, lws3,pof and lws4 then a lot of us will be able to remove the marker just by completing story till killing Zhaitan + Scarlet's War Recap. They do not have to add a some new feature as it is existing in the game.

Thank you.

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